How to make your hair bluish black?

Have you noticed that, not always, even using the most powerful bluish black ink, the result is not as expected? To know more, check out: blue hair color for dark hair

To go beyond the dark tone and achieve bluish black, in fact, try to mix a fantasy paint in the blue color with the permanent paint. But, mix, because the product does not have ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, so they fade faster.

For example: for a box of permanent ink, use ½ of fancy blue ink

An observation goes to those who have highlights or locks in their hair. The bluish black color covers locks with more uniform tones more easily.

Therefore, there is a risk of staining hair with lights due to the difference in colors. The ideal is to match the shades to prevent this from happening.

Bluish black hair grows old?

Black is one of the favorite shades of those who want to change the look with dyes. The big advantage is that it leaves the look with a glamorous look and is welcome for all skin tones. But, many people think that the tone ages by bringing an air of sobriety, weight and security to the look.

So, before betting on such a drastic change, it is important that you think about the image you want to convey, in addition to your own personal style.

Furthermore, depending on the cut and shape of the strands, and even the skin tone, bluish black can give you a few more years. Here are some tips:

straight hair with bluish black tend to gain a more serious look, while wavy ones are favored with a more stripped look

black brings glamor and calls for more modern cuts, so invest in peaked or longer bangs, enhancing the shade

avoid very short cuts if you have very smooth strands

bluish black hair without reflections gives a more natural look

Care with bluish black

Like all colors, bluish black requires that the hair is always well maintained to maintain the most beautiful shade.

Invest in hydration , nutrition and reconstruction products , keeping the hair fiber recovered and firm. The ideal is to avoid heat tools, such as flat iron, but if you are going to use them, don't forget the thermal protector.

Another important care is to use specific products for dyed hair. Oh, and a tip to keep the color always beautiful, is to invest in toners and finishers with sunscreen.

I'm tired! How to remove bluish black hair?

Black is one of the most difficult paint colors to remove, and that's no secret to anyone. If you are tired of bluish black and want to lighten the strands, it is important to take care not to damage them. Some tips are very useful in this process, among them:

· anti-dandruff shampoo with baking soda, damaging the hair less than the anti-residue shampoos

· wash your hair more often

· detergent, adding five drops to the shampoo with each wash (just don't forget to moisturize a lot afterwards)

· anti residue shampoo, using every ten days to not damage the wires

· remove dye, especially from the brand Yamá, found in specialized stores

Bluish black hair with highlights

Who said that bluish black hair needs to be like this, all in one piece? This color, already very glamorous, can gain even more life by adding some highlights, lights or Californians.

In order not to get too far from the base color, look for a smoother effect on the root, preferably in caramel, hazelnut and bronze tones.

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