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Many males are strongly attracted to the top pheromone scent marks of females in estrus and also sniff and lick the genitalia of these females (c.f. Michael and Zumpe 1972). Galago senegalensis E. Geoffroy, Loris tardigradus and Perodicticus potto females produce a conspicuous vaginal discharge at the time of estrus.

In Loris and Perodicticus it is mixed with urine during marking and in all three species it has an extremely strong attraction for the male, very likely informing him about the pheromonal condition of the female and at the same time arousing his sexual activities (Sauer and Sauer 1963; Doyle et al. 1967; Seitz 1969). Female Lemur cam show a peak of genital marking during and after estrus (Jolly 1966).

They press the inner surfaces of the labia against the substrate and apply vaginal mucus and probably urine (Evans and Goy 1968). In marmoset monkeys, scent marking frequency increases immediately before and after copulation (Epple 1970). Female Callimico goeldi (Thomas) impregnate their tails with urine and the secretions of the circumgenital scent glands with increased frequency during estrus. The male apparently keeps a check on the reproductive condition of the female by regularly smelling and licking her genital scent glands and urine.

The pheromonal chemical cues from the female seem to initiate courtship and mating during estrus (Lorenz 1972). In another South American monkey Saimiri sciureus, Latta et al. (1967) report that receptive females show the increased urine washing of hands and feet and that males increasingly smell female odors during this time. Spider monkey (Ateles belzebuth E. Geoffroy and Ateles geoffroyi Kuhl) males in capitivity and under natural conditions frequently sniff, lick and even drink the urine of females in all phases of the sexual cycle, including pregnancy. They also sniff their own hands after handling the clitora of females and investigate places where females sat. Since females do not show any visual signs of cycling, Klein (1971) suggests that olfactory clues are the main transmitters of in- formation on the reproductive condition of the female.

In Old World primates, pheromone olfactory investigation of the females’ genitalia is com- mon. Rowell (1972) points out that in species whose females do not show conspi- cuous visual signs of cycling, olfactory investigation of the females by males is particularly common. For instance, in Macaca speciosa arctoides J. Geoffroy, which shows no female sexual swelling, males ~ prior to copulation — insert their fingers into the female’s vagina, sniffing them afterwards (Michael and Zumpe 1972). Evidence of chemical communication of sexual cycling is also found in Macaca radiata E. Geoffroy, again a species which does not show visual signs of female receptivity (Rahaman and Parthasarathy 1971).

Even in those species whose females show visual signs of cycling, pheromonal communication might be important. Michael and Keverne (1969) showed that the stimulation of intense redness of the sexual skin of ovariectomized rhesus monkeys by topical application of estradiol did not stimulate male sexual interest in these females. The application of sex pheromones to the same females, however, resulted in a dramatic increase in sexual behavior of males and pheromones.

Among all inferred primate sexual attractants the only one whose behavioral function, hormonal control and chemical nature has been analyzed in detail is the sex pheromone of the rhesus monkey, Macaca mulatta.

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We may have difficulty in explaining pheromone colognes. Thus, though outraged, we should not be surprised by date-related rape when alcohol submits rational thinking and the chemical pheromone stimulus is present.

The subconscious place in our brain governing the awareness of sexual odors explains our inability to readily describe these odors as well as its irrational affect on our behavior. Again, it is of interest to find that with notable exceptions, most sexually explicit literature, particularly pomography IS relatively sparse in its references to the odors of sex. One is inundated with visual description, but our positive vocabulary for genital odors is limited. After “pungent,” “flowery,” “musky,” and “overwhelming,” “subtle,” “funky,” we are left with very little else. Despite the deficiencies of many authors in I describing odors’ sexual importance, a cogent minority have anticipated our T current scientific interest with their own subjective observations that describe this important aspect of human sensory awareness.

Pheromones Perfume and Cologne Industry

We have an extremely active, successful perfume industry whose goal is not .; only to mask socially unpleasant odors, but to develop odors that are sexually ‘j attractive. It is of interest that Epple (1985) described a very human primate ‘. behavior that involved “mixing” (fingering) of odorous materials that were then self-applied to various parts of the monkey’s body. Not unlike these 3' monkeys, people have anointed themselves with colognes, perfumes, and scented oils in hopes of attracting others to them as well as for the general sense of well being they induce. - “

Among the handful of companies that offer products that they say are designed to enhance sexual attractiveness, confidence, and well being, as examples, we will mention three. The first is REALM (formerly known as Erox 1 Corporation), which was founded by one of the pioneer researchers of ; pheromones, David Berliner, M.D., an anatomist who first worked with, pheromones at the University of Utah in the 1960s. He noticed that during‘, his research in the lab, when he left the uncovered vials containing what he J learned many years later were pheromones, open, he noticed that the other? researchers in the lab were more social and convivial towards one another.‘ When he closed the vials, the researchers returned to their usual, less than I‘ collegial ways. Now, three decades later, Berliner has developed perfumes that “contain synthesized human pheromones as a component” that “have been shown to stimulate the human vomeronasal organ.”

My Pheromones Story

I met this girl at a Starbucks when I was studying for my exams, over 9 months ago. She complimented me on my pheromone cologne. She was a really good looking, and I find out she is in medical school studying to be a doctor. We chatted over a coffee and I feel that she is really smart and intelligent. We went out for lunch after that and I pretty much left it at that. I was still in a relationship at the time and she wasn't completely over her ex-bf. I'll admit, the thought of leaving my girlfriend did cross my mind, but I didn't pursue anything after that. This is why I love pheromones.

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I want to talk about something called‘ the “placebo effect.” ‘Personal placebo routines can play an important role in adjustment and healing. ’

A placebo is officially an inert substance, sometimes in the form of a saline injection (water with salts added to make it compatible with body fluids) or a sugar pill, which 5 has no direct physiological effect on a disease process. Placebos are often given to one group of people in a research study to provide a standard against which to compare the effects of a drug. A drug for a disease should be more successful in curing a disease than a placebo, or it would not be of much use as a specific antidote to the symptoms or cause of that disease! Learn more at and

The interesting fact is that in many cases where a particular illness is heavily laden with emotions or perceptions, the act of taking a placebo can in certain situations have a profound effect. This is particularly true with herpes because of its link with sexuality, a very personal and vulnerable part of a persons’s life.

All new treatments work at least once, under the right conditions, just as a hypnotic suggestion will with the right person. Hope and excitement in a positive direction will definitely aid healing and prevent some outbreaks. But the stories of what “worked” for people and then somehow or other “stopped working” have become an epidemic in themselves. Jumping around among “cures” will certainly give you some success for some outbreaks because of the placebo effect, but they will work against you over the long haul. The tendency to always look for that one-shot annihilation of the virus is very strong, but later failures with new “cures” naturally cause disappointment and increase mistrust in other new treatments. It is often hard to adfinit to oneself that constantly trying new cures can set up a “negative” placebo effect, which in turn sets you up for failure, physically as well as mentally, and leaves you feeling more helpless and hopeless.

Instead, your goal is to establish a “positive placebo” routine through consistent application of the cleansing and soothing routines you have begun, and to learn how to take care of yourself during an outbreak. I use the term positive placebo because we seem to like labels in treating a condition, and the act of doing something or taking something in itself plays a role in adjustment. A good example of this is lysine, an over-the counter amino acid supplement. Learn more at

Many people swear that lysine definitely is responsible for symptom reduction over time. While scientific studies show that it is no better than a placebo, it appears to provide part of the basis for adjustment for some people. It is the act of taking something, in this case something relatively harmless that is important (see Chapter 6). Interestingly, when adjustment to herpes has occurred, cutting out the lysine seems to have no effect on symptoms.

Some touters of new “cures” will suggest a long-term regimen of treatment over several months. One case I came across involved the use of snake venom oil injections over two years! Another required acupuncture and diet change over eight to twelve months. I have nothing in particular against either snake venom oil or acupuncture, but whether such a physical treatment will work in your favor is questionable. However, it has been found that any consistent program that involves your playing an active role and in which you take care of yourself, living your life positively, will undoubtedly help adjustment by itself. These kinds of treatments may simply provide a vehicle or focus for that adjustment process, rather than having any direct impact on the herpes virus. Some of them may actually be quite harmful to you. Learn more at

Points to remember

• Keep the rash clean and dry.

• Use Soap and water. Bathe in Burows solution to soothe and help dry the lesions.

• Use alcohol to relieve itching and clean the rash.

• Eat well, rest, and slow down your daily routine.

• Develop your treatment routine into a consistent regimen to begin as soon as an outbreak appears.

By pomm79, Dec 23 2016 02:14PM

The Portrait photography, although we may not be aware of it: reflections and reflectivity. Photographers fight reflections all the time—think about glare on a window—but reflectivity can also be a lovely way to bring out color or brilliance in an otherwise dark scene or to create layered images. You can try Working with reflections in black and white, but with color especially, you’ll find that they can be magical.

In this lesson, we’ll discuss something we deal with all the time. Check out the best Nantucket portrait photographer.

The big challenge with photographing a mirror—or multiple mirrors—is keeping the photographer out of the frame.

22 Fundamentals of Photography II

Sometimes all it takes to eliminate a bad reflection is the photographer changing position.

Lesson 5—Photographing Reflections and Reflectivity 23

Lesson Takeaways

Reflections can be good or bad, and as a photographer, you should always be thinking about ways to either use a reflection if it’s working for you or eliminate it if it’s hurting your photos. Often, eliminating a bad reflection is as simple as taking two or three steps in one direction or another or trying a higher or lower angle. Learn more at and

Remember to have fun when you experiment with reflections; they can help you get a different perspective on the world and explore light in ways that you might not normally think about. Try doing one shoot where all you think about is reflactivity. Always go where the light is-especially natural light.

A circular polarizing filter is good for handling reflections and reflectivity. As you spin it, it changes from allowing all available light to come in from any direction to reducing the light to come in from one direction. In other words, it reduces the way that light can come in to the lens.

24 Fundamentals of Photography It

When moving positions isn’t an option, a circular polarizing filter will cut down on reflections.

Lesson 5

Photographing Reflections and Reflectivity 25

Experimenting with Filters

Although there are multitudes of filters available, you may want to use one that is essentially just clear glass—a UV or Skylight filter—to protect your lens. You might also try a graduated neutral-density filter, which is smoked at the top and clear at the bottom. You can use this filter to dampen down the light in an overly bright sky, getting the exposure you want even if you’re not on site at the right time of day or in the right conditions.


Take a walk outside your house or through your town, looking for interesting photo opportunities in window reflections. The windows of office buildings, for example, sometimes offer intriguing broken reflections of the sky or surrounding buildings. Once you’ve played around with shooting some reflections, try shooting the same scene with a polarizing filter to see how it changes the results.


Challenge yourself to shoot an outdoor scene in harsh lighting conditions— in late morning or at midday. First, see if you can take advantage of the shadows by placing your subject in the brightest part of the scene. Then, see if you can defeat the harsh light by using a reflector or an off-camera flash with a diffuser.

By pomm79, Dec 16 2016 10:49AM

Increasing your response rates without increasing your date rates is bad. This is why you should use powerful pheromones for men to attract women.

Why Pheromones are Good For Online Dating

My response rates are always terrible without pheromones, usually less than 5%, yet I get dates (and sex, and relationships) literally every time I do a blitz. How do I know if my response rates are good? I’m getting X% and I don’t know if that’s good or not. Here’s how you know if your response rates are good. Are you getting real life first dates that actually happen? If the answer is yes, then congratulations, your response rates are good, regardless of the actual numerical value.

Pheromones will boost your confidence around women which is something all women find attractive.

What To Look For In Pheromones For Men Cologne

You will find that the top-tier pheromones for men include the following pheros:

• Androstenone

• Androstenol

• Androsterone

These pheromones are the basis for all pheromone colognes and perfumes and are responsible for increasing attraction towards the opposite sex. The higher the concentration the better the results.

Of course you should do your best to increase your response rates by testing and tweaking your profile and photos, but if you’re getting dates, it’s working. If you would like a very general idea of typical response rates, I can give you some estimates. Just remember these are estimates can and will very strongly from man to man and region to region.

Really good-looking guys messaging women who are well within their age ranges and their race get response rates of 20-25% or even higher if they were androstenone heavy pheromones. When men move out of their own age ranges, response rates drop. When men move out of their race, response rates drop. A 40 year-old white guy messaging 18 year-old white women will have typical response rates of 4% or less, even if he’s doing everything right. If he’s not white while messaging white women that young, his response rate will be even lower. To use myself as an example, when I message women between 23-27, my response rates (as a white guy in his early 40s who looks about age 35) are below 5 % , which is plenty for me to schedule dates. When I message women within my own age range (late 30s to early 40s), they shoot up to 20%, sometimes 30%. In both cases this is assuming I’m messaging white women or Asian women. If I message Hispanic or black women, my response rates plummet. So race matters too. I’m a <non-white> guy messaging white women and my response rates are horrible. How can I fix this?

First, make sure you go through all the women of your own race on all the sites/apps you’re on first. So if you’re an Asian guy, message all the Asian women on your sites/apps before going after women of other races. As always, your response rates are better when messaging women of your own race.

By now, if you’ve followed all the techniques, principles, and procedures regarding the use of pheromones for men, you’re able to have a real-life first date with someone you find attractive, or perhaps even more than one. Once you’ve met a woman in real life, the “online dating” part is over. The process switches from online dating to real-life dating. If you would like more resources on how to make that first date work so it actually goes somewhere, go to where you’ll find more books, articles, and blogs on exactly how to do this. I have specific procedures on exactly what to do in order to get from first date to sex as quickly as possible, with the minimum amount of time, effort, and money spent, ideally within three hours of face time.

Calibrate your approach based on what she wants. Some women on the sites want a long- term sugar daddy relationship. Others just want occasional pay-for-play hookups. Others already have serious boyfriends and need something discreet on the side to help with her bills or shopping habits. Some women want something serious like a real boyfriend (who pays her of course) , others want something completely casual and unattached.

The best pheromone for men currently available is Pherazone which is sold online. Pherazone has the highest concentration of pheromones and outperforms all the other products on the market.

The range varies wildly on these sites, so find out what she wants. Even read her profile if you need to. This information will help you in determining if she’s something you’re looking for based on the amount of money you want to spend (or not spend). 2 . It’s okay to message women who haven’t been online in several days.

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