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Are Human Pheromone Colognes Legit?

By pomm79, Mar 8 2018 12:01PM

I went back to the claims on human pheromones and the research is a bit disappointing for one of these molecules.

Early Pheromone Research

Back in the 1970s, some of the discovered molecules turned out to be pig pheromones. Somebody found a little bit in human armpits and jumped to the conclusion that these must be pheromones in humans. But there was no scientific evidence that these were human pheromones and I think what clinched it for experimenters was you could buy it in a can. Learn more at

And so there was a rash of experiments in dentist waiting rooms, for example, where you'd spray some of the seats and see which sex sits in the seat. But the statistics were awful and the conclusions were not really valid. So there's no evidence that these molecules do anything. But what about the other molecules? And these are the ones that are most popular on those sites selling human pheromones.

Are Human Pheromone Colognes Legit?

Well, it turned out there was no scientific evidence. I was amazed it was when you came down to the bottom of it. It was simply corporations claim in 1991 which convinced the world that these molecules were human pheromones. And it wasn't just the websites selling the molecules.

It was also lots of serious scientists. So how did a corporation hijack the science on human pheromones? To date they hijack is still in progress. So what happened was a corporation based in Utah patented some molecules as putative human pheromones.

The putative word is actually quite interesting. It's what I would call a weasel word because it means "believed to be". So, in a way, there was a warning in their original publicity that they hadn't actually approved anything. They were simply claiming that they were, but they did something really clever. The Year of 1991 was the year of the publication of the paper that led to Linda Buck and Richard Axel getting the Nobel prize in 2004.

So 1991 was a special year for the science of olfaction. The corporations sponsored a conference in Paris and who around the world in the science of olfaction wouldn't want to go to a conference. So the big names in olfactory science were there. Learn more at


Normally scientists don't actually wear very sharp suits, but they were the sharpest suits he'd ever seen at a conference and it turned out those were the lawyers from the corporation. And what happened was that there was lots of good science, but the corporation slotted their own paper into the set.

What happened is two scientists were sponsored by the corporations to introduced their punative pheromones. But there were no details given in the paper of where these "pheromones" came from. And there were no details of how they're extracted, identified and shown to be pheromones. Learn more at

When you looked for the methods, there was just a single phrase which was the molecules were supplied by the Erox corporation. So basically there was no evidence that these molecules were pheromones.

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