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Extenders and Increasing Intimacy

By pomm79, Nov 12 2016 09:02PM

I'm looking for advice on how to 1)Increase my sex drive and 2) how to get and maintain strong erections. I don't recall the last time I had a stiff raging penis - I'm in my late 20's.

I got checked up by a doc and no medical problems. I have a very healthy diet, workout 2x/week, no drinks/smokes. Don't feel like trying any medications/pills, I have tried self hypnosis...not much help.

I have lots of girls in my life right now, but I just don't seem to be too sexually attracted as I used to and when I have intercourse I'm going soft a few minutes after sucks! I'm just really busy growing my business and kept saying it's stress...maybe it's not? Learn more at and

Man you sound exactly like me. I remember struggling with sex drive and erections a few months ago. To the point I was actually scared to initiate sex or have it initiated because I knew my dick would flop.

Things have massively improved since I supplemented using opti-zinc tabs and magnesium citrate. I use the life extension brand, but hear the now brand is excellent too. Try it bro. Made a HUGE difference. My dick feels full and hard again. It's a wonderful feeling.

Did you get your testosterone levels checked out at the doctor? what were they? I would start there if you haven't and post back. Learn more at,1996559697,solenoidrocks.html

Try Milk thistle, it works well for me, personally for me there is either a blockage in the kidney or liver that was preventing my body from allowing my dick from becoming massively erect and hard. Once you get the morning erection back, you're on the right path. There is a lot of thread on this subject, lots of different opinions as well. The advice I can give would be to focus on the organs that assist the erections.

I'm currently going through it, I'm catching lucky breaks here and there, I'm able to get erections now, some are soft and some are hard, but they don't last long before going limp again, so I've got to work on my PC Muscle more. 3 weeks ago I couldn't even get hard, but keep at it, clean your blood, grow muscle, do PC exercises, do what’s in the list within the link below are the things I'm currently doing.

I'll be adding to it from time to time, try some, and see what works and let me know by posting on that topic. One of the biggest thing I've found is that it is your arteries that are causing the issues with ED, with plaque and cholesterol clogging the arteries, so search for things that relate to cleaning arteries, and heart health. Learn more at

Men have our sexuality, some of us like to copulate until bursting, some of us are sweet and tender, others like to be petted in the penis head with a 12cm blue goose feather.

Others men like men, others do not like men but like the phallus, which maybe makes them to have sex with she males. Others like cross dresser or lady boys or women with strap on ...

Some prefer their hand to anything else, others like to make love with dwarfs or anything that certificates as freakish.

Some used to make love with the same woman twice a month without any kind of inconvenience for the rest of their life.

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