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Finding a Quality Bankruptcy Attorney in Utah

By pomm79, May 10 2018 12:19AM

Finding a quality bankruptcy attorney in Utah can be hard. There are several bankruptcy attorneys and firms throughout West Jordan, Utah, including myself, who offer very good service.  

However, there are attorneys and firms whom I would call “bankruptcy mills”. They process you like a number,  you do not meet with an attorney until the 341 Meeting, they are not informed of the specifics of your case. In other words, they just want the money.  Due to a large amount of advertising overhead,  they have a huge operational cost.  That is Why my Bankruptcy Law office Will Beat Any Bankruptcy

Attorney Fee’s Quote By $100.00.  To find out more just click on lowest price guarantee:

What is it Going to Cost for Me to File?

The filing fee for Chapter 7 is $335.00 which is required to be paid up front by the Bankruptcy Court, regardless of your legal fees. This amount can not be paid by credit card, or check. You will be required to pay my office for the filling fee in cash or you can get a money order in that amount. As for the amount of your legal fees and payment arrangements for paying my fees, this is  based on the complexity of your case. Reasonable payment plans are available through my office.

Will I Lose My Retirement Plan?

Answer: Probably not, to the extent that a stock bonus, pension, profit sharing, annuity, or similar plan is reasonably necessary for the support of the debtor and any dependent of the debtor.  Most people end up keeping their retirement plan intact and if it is an approved retirement plan you can keep it. Learn more at

Will I Lose the Cash Value of My Insurance Policies?

No! Unless there is something very unusual about it. So far I have not had a client who we could not exempt the cash value.  Again it is important to list everything you have as an asset as much as it is to list your debts. This is the best way to ensure there will be no problem with your bankruptcy and that you can keep your assets as the bankruptcy code allows.

Get all of your Bankruptcy Questions answered by The Law Office of Ryan E. Simpson  Call 801 432-8682.  Speak to a bankruptcy attorney today. Stop Creditors Calls And Harassment!

Many people are filing bankruptcy for relief every day.  It still remains the most powerful tool for preserving assets while eliminating bad debts and to protect your family’s financial health and to STOP CREDITORS harassment of you and your family.  Too many lives and marriages are hurt due to unresolved financial matters.

We want to help you and your family to eliminate overwhelming financial stress and get you that fresh start you need in order to flourish and to enjoy life again. Depending on your situation a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 may bring the relief you have been seeking. Guaranteed to beat any other bankruptcy attorneys fees by $100.  

How are we able to do it? 

We have low overhead and our price list for services makes it the lowest price around.

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