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Can Pheromones Help "Break The Ice?"

By pomm79, Sep 14 2015 11:08PM

Do pheromones work?

To be quite honest, it wasn't that long ago that I had no idea what pheromones did or what they were or how they influenced not only the animal and insect world but also humans. So what is a pheromone; or more to the point, a human pheromone? Learn more at and

I did what any inquisitive member of the human race would do in the 21st. century; I looked up the word pheromones on the internet. Man, was I blown away! I remember thinking to myself at the time, " Why wasn't I aware of pheromones a lot earlier?" Check out different types of pheromones.

Hey, for one thing, my self-esteem could have taken less of a battering than it did. Why I could have just consoled myself after a knockback from the opposite sex by saying..." So it's because you don't like the pheromones I'm emitting?"

Seriously though, since Dr. Winifred Cutler kind of blew the lid on the subject last century, they have always been a subject that has fascinated the human race. In fact, over the last few years, they have just about become a fashionable topic.

Can Pheromones Help "Break The Ice?"

By now you're probably still wondering whether they can help you in “breaking the ice” with a member of the opposite sex or a member of the same sex for that matter.

What is the best pheromone available or does such a thing exist? Will a pheromone perfume enhance a man or woman's ability to attract the opposite sex; or same sex for that matter?

Hey, it’s a personal choice. You may be so good at attracting partners that any extra boost of pheromone advantage would have just been a waste of time. If that’s the case then you’re probably sitting on a book or two and I encourage you to share your techniques with the rest of the world.

Do They Really Exist?

Ever wondered why dogs greet each other with a sniff of each other's posteriors. Hey, I’m not trying to gross you out but you see, like most animals, they have the ability to detect pheromones.

Animals are affected in many ways by pheromones such as marking territory, finding a mate, warning of danger and even reproduction cycles. So what about humans? Glad you asked. In mammals, there is an organ called the vomeronasal organ or VNO for short. It’s two small tubes behind the nostril and its job is to detect pheromones.

Pheromones are like chemical messengers.They work outside the body to send messages to other animals. Ever noticed how you’re attracted to some people. You can bet your bottom dollar that pheromones are at work. You don’t smell pheromones because in humans, they are odorless yet experiments have shown that they do affect our behavior.

Experiments conducted by scientists have proven that human pheromones can have such a powerful effect on other humans that they can even affect the ovulation cycle of women as well as their perceived attraction to potential mates. That’s powerful stuff. Learn more at

Ask yourself this…during sex, does the sweat produced by your partner turn you off or does it actually turn you on?...Food for thought. You can learn about Max Attraction Gold pheromones at

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