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Further Application of Pheromones

By pomm79, Sep 14 2015 11:08PM

A further application of pheromones at the same concentration in the second trial suppressed all captures for a further 6 days, and was said to have also led to a fall of 90% in the larval population and 60% reduction in fruit losses. It seems most improbable that the dif- ferences in larval numbers and fruit damage between the treated and control plots were associated with the EEOH treatments, as the latter were effective for only 14 days of the growing season. Learn more at and

The limited persistency of microcapsules loaded with EEOH was also confirmed by the only other series of experiments with this formulation in Europe.“ NCR gelatin microcapsules. with a diameter of 50 to 250 pm, and containing 2% EEOH and 5% antioxidant (di-tert-pentyl hydroquinone) in xylene were used in this trial. The slurry of microcapsules was diluted with water to give an EEOH concentration of about l mg/ml. and applied by knapsack sprayer to small plots of 9 (Test l) and 49 (Test 2) apple trees (area not cited). in the first test. male captures of EEOH and virgin female pheromones according to

One of my bad habits was to use seductive pheromones to get my way. Tommy forced me to clean it up. Did I want him or was I manipulating him? He caught it every time, and it was humiliating. Was I trying to hook him sexually or create intimacy with pheromones? “Don’t approach me unless you genuinely want me,” he told me. “It doesn’t feel good when you do.” Check out dubious pheromone cologne.

In my former relationships with men, it was easy to manipulate them without pheromones. They didn’t care if my sexual intentions had integrity. They just wanted sex. It was also easy to hide my true feelings. It seemed to me that men preferred “feelings” that were packaged in a tidy way – that could be readily fixed. Tommy didn’t want this at all. He wanted me to crack open to him and spill out my darkest fears and feelings, so we could break the cycle of moving in and out of intimacy.

When you live at your edge, a woman feels her edge in love pheromones. She must expand the borders of her loving and untie her restraints on your heart. The smaller part of her might wish for you to be near and predictable at all times, but her heart (in truth) wants expansion. Yes, it’s scary when a man is free. This doesn’t mean he has other lovers or that he leaves a woman for other worlds; it just means he’s not in a self-appointed cage. The Dark Knight is irresistible to women because loving a man who is free is, at a deeper level, true love. It’s not love bound by fear. To love the Dark Knight in any man, a woman must put her heart on the line and risk losing what she has given herself to.

A healthy, feminine woman doesn’t want you to become dependent on her nurturing or to be like a child she needs to encourage and push from the nest. She wants a man who has a healthy resistance to being captured, a man committed to the love of his freedom. You can learn about Max Attraction Gold pheromones at

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