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Herpes Placebo Effect

By pomm79, Jan 30 2017 02:54PM

I want to talk about something called‘ the “placebo effect.” ‘Personal placebo routines can play an important role in adjustment and healing. ’

A placebo is officially an inert substance, sometimes in the form of a saline injection (water with salts added to make it compatible with body fluids) or a sugar pill, which 5 has no direct physiological effect on a disease process. Placebos are often given to one group of people in a research study to provide a standard against which to compare the effects of a drug. A drug for a disease should be more successful in curing a disease than a placebo, or it would not be of much use as a specific antidote to the symptoms or cause of that disease! Learn more at and

The interesting fact is that in many cases where a particular illness is heavily laden with emotions or perceptions, the act of taking a placebo can in certain situations have a profound effect. This is particularly true with herpes because of its link with sexuality, a very personal and vulnerable part of a persons’s life.

All new treatments work at least once, under the right conditions, just as a hypnotic suggestion will with the right person. Hope and excitement in a positive direction will definitely aid healing and prevent some outbreaks. But the stories of what “worked” for people and then somehow or other “stopped working” have become an epidemic in themselves. Jumping around among “cures” will certainly give you some success for some outbreaks because of the placebo effect, but they will work against you over the long haul. The tendency to always look for that one-shot annihilation of the virus is very strong, but later failures with new “cures” naturally cause disappointment and increase mistrust in other new treatments. It is often hard to adfinit to oneself that constantly trying new cures can set up a “negative” placebo effect, which in turn sets you up for failure, physically as well as mentally, and leaves you feeling more helpless and hopeless.

Instead, your goal is to establish a “positive placebo” routine through consistent application of the cleansing and soothing routines you have begun, and to learn how to take care of yourself during an outbreak. I use the term positive placebo because we seem to like labels in treating a condition, and the act of doing something or taking something in itself plays a role in adjustment. A good example of this is lysine, an over-the counter amino acid supplement. Learn more at

Many people swear that lysine definitely is responsible for symptom reduction over time. While scientific studies show that it is no better than a placebo, it appears to provide part of the basis for adjustment for some people. It is the act of taking something, in this case something relatively harmless that is important (see Chapter 6). Interestingly, when adjustment to herpes has occurred, cutting out the lysine seems to have no effect on symptoms.

Some touters of new “cures” will suggest a long-term regimen of treatment over several months. One case I came across involved the use of snake venom oil injections over two years! Another required acupuncture and diet change over eight to twelve months. I have nothing in particular against either snake venom oil or acupuncture, but whether such a physical treatment will work in your favor is questionable. However, it has been found that any consistent program that involves your playing an active role and in which you take care of yourself, living your life positively, will undoubtedly help adjustment by itself. These kinds of treatments may simply provide a vehicle or focus for that adjustment process, rather than having any direct impact on the herpes virus. Some of them may actually be quite harmful to you. Learn more at

Points to remember

• Keep the rash clean and dry.

• Use Soap and water. Bathe in Burows solution to soothe and help dry the lesions.

• Use alcohol to relieve itching and clean the rash.

• Eat well, rest, and slow down your daily routine.

• Develop your treatment routine into a consistent regimen to begin as soon as an outbreak appears.

Oct 9 2017 07:30AM by Johnny Sampson

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