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How Does A Penis Extender Work

By pomm79, Mar 6 2018 12:31AM

In this article, I am going to discuss how a penis extender work.

When we are talking about different penis enlargement options and when we are reviewing them, there are a few things that you can observe. First of all, they are all recommended as the best solution ever which makes all other options obsolete.

Also, you tend to notice that some of the products and options have quite a lot of info behind them. While others are somewhat shy when it comes to providing info on, for example, how their product actually works.

This is mainly because their products do not work and they need to avoid talking any specifics about the product. Penis extenders are not like this and there are no mysteries as to how these devices work. In this article, we will be talking about this in depth. Learn more at


The idea of using stretching to increase the size of a part of the body is nothing new. This principle has found its way into a number of cultures across the world. You have probably seen people from different African and Asian cultures who have certain parts of their body stretched to extremes, such as their necks, lips, earlobes, etc.

This was done by gradually applying stretching to these parts of the body which as a result grew. This same idea is used in western medicine as well.

For instance, in some patients, the doctors wish to elongate a leg, for example. What they do is they do surgery on parts that cannot be elongated by stretching (bones). And then they put on braces and devices which gradually stretch out the extremity, ultimately elongating it permanently. Learn about penis extender results.

How Penis Extenders Work

Well, penis extenders work the same way. Only this time, surgery is not required as there are no bones in the penis. It is only muscle and sponge-like tissue that can be elongated by stretching and there is no need for surgical procedures. 

Penis extenders were designed in such a way to apply constant stretching, also known as traction to the tissue in the penis, through a system of rods which connect the base of the device and the ring placed around the tip of the penis. These rods apply the force and thus lead to stretching of the penis.

However, this is what happens on the outside. In order to fully understand how penis extenders work, we need to see what happens in the very tissues of the penis. Well, the cells in the penis are extended. However, this is not enough according to

If this was the only process that took place, upon discontinuing the use of the device, your penis would return to the original size. However, another process takes place and it involves the creation of new cells. Namely, through gradual stretching, the cells are torn apart on a microscopic level, which does not cause any pain or any damage.


As a result of this, small spaces are created. They are then naturally filled with new cells that are created by the human body. To put it simply, you grow new cells in the penis and thus get a permanent increase in size. Of course, this process is a slow one because it has to be in order to avoid any damage to the penis.

This is why you need to wear a penis extender for at least six months before you can see results and before the results become permanent. We hope that we have been thorough and direct in our explanation and that you have a better idea of how penis extenders work. Learn more at

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