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How Does Male Edge Work?

By pomm79, Aug 27 2018 09:36PM

Male Edge is a medical grade penis extender which is proven to promote cytokinesis in your penis cells. All you have to do is wear the penis extender for a few hours every day. The Male Edge device will pull on your penis, creating a tension going along the entire length of your penis.

You won’t be able to see or feel the tiny tears forming between your penile cells but don’t worry – your body is at work making new cells to fill up these gaps. In as little as two weeks, you can get measurable size increases. Since penis extension is not just about stretching, you will get gains in both length and girth!

Male Edge is made by DanaMedic, a name which has become synonymous with penis extension. In 1994, DanaMedic created the first medical penis extender which was backed by clinical studies and medical proof. Since then, scientists and medical researchers have become increasingly interested in penis extension and the many other possibilities of medical extension.

How It Works

Male Edge works by utilizing cytokinesis, your body’s natural process of cell division. In order for growth to occur in mammals, cells will split apart to form two daughter cells. Cytokinesis occurs naturally throughout our daily lives without us ever noticing it is going on. When we have growth spurts, cytokinesis is happening very rapidly. Cytokinesis is even happening when we aren’t growing anymore because new cells must be made to replace ones that die.

For centuries, humans have already been manipulating cytokinesis to increase growth of some body parts – even if the people didn’t realize what they were doing on a cellular level. In Africa, women would stretch their necks or lips into massive sizes. Even weightlifters are using cytokinesis to increase their muscle sizes. Here is how it works:

If you create tension on an area of the body, you will create microscopic tears in the tissue. This is what happens when you lift weights or when the women of Africa stretch their lips. Your body will not permit gaps in your tissues. So, it triggers cytokinesis to fill in these small gaps. If you continuously create tension on the same area, then cytokinesis will keep on occurring. Over time, all of the new cells will add up into visible growth. Learn more at

Clinical Studies

One of the first major independent studies into penis extension was performed in Shanghai by the Jiaotong University. The study included patients aging from 16 to 70 years old and an extension device was used for approximately 9 hours every day. The 23 men who finished the 3-month trial all experienced gains. On average, they gained 2.1 cm in length and 2.2 cm of girth while flaccid. They gained an average of 3 cm in length and 1.9 cm of girth while erect.

An Italian study soon after confirmed the results of the Shanghai study. The study of “Efficacy of daily penis stretching technique” was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research. During the study, men 26-43 years of age wore a penis extender for 6 hours daily for 4 months. On average, the men gained 1.8 cm of flaccid length.

In 2008, one of the most famous studies about penis extension was published in the British Journal of Urology International. After a period of 6 months in which an extender was worn for 4 hours a day, the men gained 2.3 cm in length and 1.7 cm in girth while flaccid.

These are just a few of the many studies which have been performed on penis extension. Extension has also been studied for other uses, such as limb elongation. It is already being utilized for stretching skin to be used as grafts on other body parts.

All of the current scientific research confirms what thousands of men already know about MaleEdge: it will give you a bigger, thicker penis. While results will vary depending on your body and how long you wear the device, all men can experience gains with MaleEdge. There is no reason that you should have to suffer with a small penis when the tool you need for a larger penis is already here!


Penis extension is far from being a new medical discovery. Already, the tribes in northern Uganda have been extending their penises for hundreds of years. Some men their even have penises as large as 18 inches! With MaleEdge, you are getting the best that medical technology has to offer for guaranteed gains. Learn more at

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