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How To Buy Pheromone Perfume

By pomm79, Mar 19 2018 12:16AM

In this article, I will offer advice on how to buy pheromone perfume for women.Most reputable brands offer perfumes with pheromone. These are the first questions I would ask:

Does the product information clearly indicate that pheromones are present?

What type and what amount of pheromones does it bring?

There are different mixtures or formulas of perfume which you can learn more about at Preferably using a perfume containing androsterone pheromone and androstenol will give the best effect. Also look for products that contain copulins. An understanding of pheromone perfume first requires an understanding of pheromones themselves. 

Pheromones are natural chemicals in the body that mammals possess which attract other animals of the opposite sex so that they can mate. For example, when a dog is in heat she gives off pheromones that signal this to the male dogs so that they know she's ready to be mated.

Humans possess pheromones too, though they don't work as obviously. It's true that you will never fall in love with someone who you think smells bad—smell is one of the most basic senses and attraction cannot work against the distaste that a bad smell causes. On the other hand, when your partner's natural smell is appealing to you, pheromones are at work. Learn more at

Do Pheromone Perfumes Really Work?

It seems that the various formulas in the scents of pheromones may act differently in each individual. Therefore, it is advisable to experiment with different types of product, to find the right one for everyone. You may be wondering what are pheromones? A pheromone is a normally occurring chemical signal produced by animals to influence other members of the same species. On secretion, this activates a response from the receiver.

Why would Humans want to use Pheromones in Perfume?

While we sometimes use a scent to please ourselves, we may also possess other motives when selecting an aroma. Possibly there’s someone you’d like to attract, or even you would just like to get their attention. Pheromones have been shown to increase sexual attraction, sexual encounters, and confidence.

Let’s say you could put on a scent that would send a message to a man or woman letting them know that you are interested. How would that be for you?

Scientific research about pheromones is huge today. That is why perfume manufacturers are trying to corner the marketplace on this for a long time, releasing new products and formula for men and women. Pheromone research is still ongoing and most of it suggests that it does work in humans according to

Will It Work For You?

First, it is important to mention that not all pheromone perfumes work. I’m sure there are several out there which are simply a marketing ploy. But if you’re ready to attempt a few, as well as do some tests, consider the payback. One of the best pheromone perfumes to consider is Pherazone. It comes in a scented and unscented formula and is considered the most powerful and best smelling product on the market. I recommend you check it today. 

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