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How To Grow Your Penis Options

By pomm79, Mar 24 2018 10:27PM

How to grow your penis? Crazy keyword extremely searched on the web. Many of us suffer from some type of sexual problems and one of the most common ones is a small penis. If you are endowed then you might not but if you are not then you will take me seriously that a small penis is very humiliating and frustrating for men.

Though the statics report that very few men have a small penis that length about less than 5 inches, the majority of men have average size penis that is about 6-7 inches many of them fell that they still have a small penis as they are unable to satisfy your partner.

This leads you to anxiety and depression for not having proper sex with your partner. Though sex is not the major factor to maintain your relationship it helps to maintain the balance between the quarrels and tensions with the partner. If you think that you are the one born with a small penis then no matter here are four easy steps that will help you to enlarge your penis easily. Learn more at

Enlargement surgeries

There might be very few men who consider the surgery as an option for enlarging penis size. There are many men who are unguided and have enough money to go for the surgery without any guidance. There are some severe problems that are left behind after the surgery that is reported by the men who have gone through it. The problems are such as loss of sensitivity, scarring, downward pointing of penis while erection, impotency, a complication in urine dispense and pain. But one major problem with it is that you need to have around $4000 to $10000 to go for the surgery.

Enlargement by weight

This method of penis enlarging is very crude and dangerous as it requires you to hang a weight on your penis to get it enlarge. You have to fix a strap with your penis for some time and it will do it. It is an tradition method of enlarging the penis used in Egypt since a long time. But this method may cause serious injury to your penis as it can make you penis thin and weak with damaging the blood vessels of the penis.

Enlargement by pumps

Enlargement pumps are the most popular devices sold and advertise in the porn magazines before the invasion of the pumps on the internet marketing. It works by creating suction and vacuum in the penis and increase the flow of blood into the penis which help to split the tissues of the penis and grow. This will lead to increase in the size of the penis. The drawback of these pumps is that they cause a problem in erection and you will get addicted to using the pump before sex for better erection.

Enlargement pills

The mail boxes of men are littered with the mail of new penis enlargement pills. But some of them are effective that are ingredient with herbs. Herbal penis pills are the most effective pills to enlarge your penis that carry no side effects. It increases the flow of the blood into your penis. But it is advisable to not get addicted of these pills.

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