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How To Use A Penis Extender

By pomm79, Mar 27 2018 11:24PM

Penis extenders will seem like a complicated medical device to many men. However, they are actually really simple to use and are designed to be worn by any man who wants to increase his penis size. Start by opening up the package and put the extender device parts together following the supplied instructions carefully. Once it is put together, you can put on the device and begin the stretching process. 

How To Use A Penis Extender

1. Warm up. It’s important that your penis is sufficiently warmed up. We recommend that you use a flannel which has been soaked in warm water and then hold it against your genitals for at least 60 seconds before wearing the device.

2. Fit the extension bars. The extender should be just a bit longer than the length of your flaccid penis. Try the different extension bar lengths until you have the correct ones.

3. Insert your flaccid penis through the base of the extender and let the base unit rest against your pelvis.

4. Loosen one of the supplied foam comforts rings with your fingers. Next, slip the ring over the penis head and move it down just below the head of your penis.

5. Take one of the comfort straps and put both ends through the support piece, there should be two slits to do this. Ensure that the groove part of the comfort strap is fitted so it is facing away from you and that it fits just under the penis head over the top of the foam comfort ring.

6. Use one hand to hold the extender with your penis inside and with the other pull down the ends of the comfort straps so your penis is both secured and comfortable. It is important not to over tighten the strap as this can restrict circulation.

7. Adjusting the extension screws found at the bottom of the extension bars you will start to feel your penis stretch. So that's how you should your penis extender. You will find that after you wear the device for a few sessions you will be able to put the stretcher on in a few seconds.

Advice for Beginners

Those new to penis enlargement should start slowly. It is vital that your penis is first warmed up properly and that your penis extender is worn correctly, which means the tension bars should be even on both sides.

We recommend that you start off wearing your device for only 1 – 2 hours a day. Afterward, you can work up to 4 or 6 hours a day. Remember you can eventually wear a penis enlarger for up to 8 hours in a day and this will help you achieve greatest possible results.

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