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Hypnosis is Powerful

By pomm79, Mar 6 2016 12:43PM

Hypnosis is a very powerful art form. All right, here’s what I want you to do this time. This is something that happens to everybody when they begin doing stage hypnosis or even as a hypnotist. What I want you to do is this, nobody else knows anything about who you are or what you do, so when you’re doing a presentation it is your presentation, nobody knows what it’s about using real hypnosis. Learn more at

Even if there are other hypnotists in the room, they don’t have a clue about who you are or what the dynamics of your personality is or what your shows about, so what I want you to do now is the same exercise and let’s just exaggerate it. Get hypnotherapy certification course online |

Imagine that you’re just talking to somebody and they know absolutely nothing about what it is you do, and you have to convince them right now that what you’re doing is the absolute best thing in the entire world for greater hypnotism. Does that make sense?

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Just to add something, which is whilst you’re doing this you may as well get outrageous. Convince them of something just totally and utterly ridiculous, as related to hypnosis. Why? Because you’re the authority and they will believe you. Now, you don’t have to do this in the real world, just here. Just go out on a limb for a bit and really put some conviction to what you’re saying with strong hypnosis training.

Let me tell you why this works. When I was over in Dubai, I was with a gentleman who wanted to do some street hypnosis, so I said okay cool Iet’s do it. We went out on the streets of Dubai hypnotizing people, it was kind of nutty, and I’m watching this guy who was convincing people that he knew what he was doing and I was watching going, they actually believe you.

That’s all it takes. That’s all. It’s true.

Just like the Bellagio Brothers, put your hands up a second again isn’t that pretty much all you did? These guys here, you may have seen them on videos on the Internet, at the last hypnotherapy training these guys decided to go out randomly one day to the Bellagio.

The point is its fun isn’t it? Once you break that seal its so easy to do, so go ahead and do the same exercise again, only this time step into your shoes and through it all as fully and completely as you can by getting extravagant, outrageous and make claims that are crazy and people will believe you. Are you having fun?

Look at me, take a deep breath and sleep all the way, deeper, deeper, deeper that’s right all the way. I’m going to stand you up and you’re going deeper into trance as you stand on your own balance now. That’s right, deeper and deeper into trance, deeper and deeper. Hand out stiff and rigid, stiff and rigid.

The stiffer it gets the more you feel good inside. The stiffer it gets the better of a hypnotist you become. The stiffer it gets the better of a hypnotist you become. Stiff and rigid right now. Try and bend the arm, try as hard as you can, and relax. All the way down. All the way down that’s right, very good.

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