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Is Size Important With X4 Labs Extender?

By pomm79, Jul 14 2016 01:44AM

Which bring me to my next point. I'm 4.5" girth. Most girls, I never have a problem fucking. Once their wet and ready, and once the initial entrance has been achieved, it can easily go in and out. However I was with this Indian chick who had really wide hips, and I assumed she'd be like the rest of girl, boy was a wrong. Her pussy was so tight I was amazed, especially since I was 4.5" girth, and I thought her wider hips meant her pussy would have been looser. She also said she has been with a lot of other guys who's dicks were larger than me (indirect topic conversation, some girls don't know how to white lie, bitch), so it surprised me she was so tight. Learn more about X4 Labs at and

However I do still fret about schlong size, though my frets haven't been as much as of late. Mainly my flaccid size as I'm a major grower. Using the X4 labs extender has helped med. So the worst situation for me would be the first time I have intercouse with a girl, getting stripped, and not getting it up, because she'll never see my teeny weeny grow into a real thing. Learn about natural male enhancement pills |

However I don't fret too much, because ed medicine is cheap. I bought 120 x 20mg pills for $102 ($0.85 a pill). I then cut them up into 4 pieces so I have 480 pills at 5mg each ($0.22 a pill). That's 480 days, or 1 year and 1/3 of the next year of pills if I took a pill every single day for 480 days straight! And I only take one if I feel I might get laid, or I go out and I'm worried about getting it up. Plus the fact it depends on the girl.

Some girls can make me hard no problem, no ED (so no need to take a pill), while others don't turn me on even though they're hot. Plus after you bang a girl a few times on the stuff, you're more comfortable and can usually bang her without it. And if you can't, she has no idea you have trouble getting it up sometimes, because you've already fucked the shit out of her plenty of times before no problem, so she won't have a clue. I believe the worst thing you can do when pulling a girl back to yours or her place for opportune sex, is to not have intimacy.

Every time I haven't taken my chances, or I couldn't perform, you've missed your opportunity big time buddy, it'll be hard to pull back from that one. Also remember the fact the US army did that huge study, that found that out of date drugs, even years after their expiry date were just as good as the original. So these 480 pills will last me probably the next 10-20 years. My point is, and especially if you're my generation who has trouble with ED due to the massive amount of porn exposure on the net before having a real sex life, is make it easier for yourself if you want, the girl will never know, don't let porn induced ED hold you back, especially if there's a cheap easy solution. I'm still trying to quit porn, but I'm not going to let it hold me back from missing opportunities. And believe me, missed opportunities have happened to me with 4 different women before because of porn induced ED (I am perfectly healthy physically). I'm not saying rely on the drugs, but don't miss you opportunity if you think you're going to have trouble, especially with nightclubs or quick pulls. Instead take the drug, fuck them, and drop the drug later on in the relationship. Learn about X4 Labs extender |

Lastly I probably wouldn't have such problems if I followed my dick rather than my ego. Problem is my dick wants all sorts of stuff, it changes it's taste in women continuously, wanting to do all kinds of nasty stuff, and wanting to fuck women who are sub-par standard of beauty, just because that's what my pecker desires at the time, usually because of a certain trait or fetish that women possesses.

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