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Pheromones Questions and Answers

By pomm79, Mar 29 2015 06:51PM

Pheromones are small organic molecules, produced by humans and animals with different body secretions.

They travel through air and are detected by other members of the same species by a special organ in the nose called vomeronasal organ (or VNO). Learn more about human pheromones field work |

VNO reacts with pheromones and sends signals to the brain that interprets the meaning and causes different biological and psychological reactions. We can treat pheromones as some kind of external hormones, produced by one human, but influencing the other. Learn more at

Different Types of Pheromones

People produce many kinds of pheromones having they own, individual meaning. From a practical point of view, there are two popular kinds of pheromones commercially available: androstenone and copulins. This two are used as the main compounds of almost every pheromone product.

There are also two other, often used in combination with the two above androstenol and androsterone. If you would like to know more go to "How pheromones work" article. Learn more best pheromones to attract women |

People produce many kinds of pheromones having they own, individual meaning. From practical point of view there are two popular kinds commercially available.

Do they work?

Yes, they do, as hundreds of independent scientific researches confirm. 

Can they control other people?

No, they can't. Pheromones used in commercially available products are so-called information pheromones and they cannot initiate any specific behavior. As their name indicates, they only carry some information, which is then interpreted by the human brain. This interpretation differs depending on what kind of pheromone is this and what is the sex of the receiver.

For example, androstenone is a male pheromone that creates powerful and dominant aura. Men that produce more androstenone are perceived (by both sex) as stronger and more confident and they usually lead in a group. To women, it increases their attractiveness.


Biologists and chemists identify androstenone as a male pheromone. It is a main pheromone that makes men attractive to women. Dr. Winnifred Cutler, who discovered human pheromones, made a study on a group of men using androstenone concentrate. 74% of men experienced an increase in eye contact, smiling, petting, kissing and sexual intercourse.

As experiments show androstenone creates powerful and dominant aura. Using androstenone alone may make a person seem threatening rather than attractive. That's why producers, like Luvessentials, use carefully chosen combinations of different kinds of pheromones that together create the desired effect. Learn more at


Copulins are female pheromones composed of aromatic compounds found in vaginal secretions. As studies show, they increase women's attractiveness to men, and increase men's testosterone levels up to 150%. Karl Grammer, a researcher in Vienna, showed two groups of men pictures of women and asked them to rate the attractiveness of each woman.

One group was exposed to copulins and the other group was not. The group that was exposed to copulins gave all of the women higher scores than the group that was not exposed to copulins, and the more plain the woman's appearance, the higher the jump in ratings from the control group to the copulin group.

Producers found how to synthesize copulins and offer them as pheromone products for women. See Luvessentials offer of copulins for women in many combinations with other pheromone components.

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