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Meet The Phermones

By pomm79, Mar 29 2015 06:51PM

The heart and soul of the Pheromone Seduction System is the Pheromone Model of Evolution (S.M.E.) , which I will explain in detail in the second part of this article according to best pheromones to attract women |

The S.M.E. encompasses six evolutionary (and revolutionary) phases of seducing beautiful women. The six S.M.E. phases are as follows:

• S.M.E. I: The Advance

• S.M.E. II: The Crossover

• S.M.E. III: The Allure

• S.M.E. IV: The Challenge

• S.M.E. V: The Connection

• S.M.E. VI: The Payoff.

Before you start using the S.M.E., however, it’s extremely important that you’re ready.

Meaning, you have to:

• Learn the fundamentals of the female brain (you may be surprised by some of my teachings); covered in “Inside the Female Brain”.

• Be in dating weight and dress and groom like a true pheromone user; more info in “Groom That Fur”.

• Internalize -- and practice -- the 10 Attraction Triggers; covered in “Pheromone Attraction Triggers”.

• Memorize (and mentally embrace) my 10 Pheromone Commandments; covered in “The 10 Commandments of the Pheromone User”. ABOUT ME Right now, you’re probably wondering: Who is this Shane Stanfield guy, and what makes him an authority on dating? Here is my story. I’m not tall, dark and handsome. In fact, I’m far from it.

Learn more about human pheromones field work | and behavior at and

Most of my friends (both married and single) are older. In most ways, I’m an average guy. So why do I do so well with meeting the ladies? It’s simple: I’M A pheromone cologne user. I’m damn proud of it. And I certainly didn’t become one overnight. For more time than I’d like to admit, I was lot more like Patrick than I am now – meaning, I was insecure, self-effacing, and completely clueless when it came to picking up women. Learn more about pheromones at

Before I Used Pheromones

I had a good enough social life and a close network of friends (many of whom I still hang out with today). But when it came to dating girls, I was usually trapped in the Friend Zone. In other words, girls loved my sense of humor, but they wouldn’t date me. I can’t tell you the number of times the dreaded acronym L.Y.L.A.B. -- Love You Like a Brother -- was written in my yearbooks by girls that I had huge crushes on. For years, I just assumed they didn’t see me as boyfriend material. Today I realize, it was mainly because I didn’t understand female psychology and the laws of pheromone attraction according to experts.

My Pheromone Seduction System works. I will teach you that pheromones are sexy. Pheromones are the new black. Pheromones are the key not only to surviving in the dating game -- but to dominating it. Learn more about dating at

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