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The True Power of Pheromones

By pomm79, Nov 28 2016 10:48AM

Nature has given all animals pheromones from dogs to insects to humans to attract the opposite sex. All human males produce the pheromone androstenone through the sweat glands to attract the opposite sex.

It's deodorants, showers, and toiletries that make men sexually invisible. Men do not even realize every time they shower, put on deodorant and their favorite cologne, they wash away and mask there own natural pheromones.

Nor can we walk around unshowered and sweaty all the time to attract women. Learn more about pheromones at and

Sex Pheromones

The solution: a perfume that contains the male human sex pheromone androstenone. Just 4 or 5 sprays is all you need to create an aura of sexual attraction about you.

The production of male pheromones peaks in your teens and steadily declines with age. The younger you are, the stronger your scent and the more she is aroused.

Pheromone cologne gives you a stronger pheromonal scent than can be achieved by any man, naturally!

Increase Attraction

Now, you can use the scientific chemistry of attraction to your advantage. Pheromone Perfume will give you the edge over other men. You will attract more women, gain more eye contact, conversations, dates, romantic affection, and best of all more sex than you ever had before. Great for married men too.

She will be more affectionate and always in the mood. Pheromones are scientifically formulated and proven to attract women.

It is an alcohol based highly concentrated male perfume, scented similar to Drakor and is blended with a new potent double strength high concentration of the male pheromone Androstenone called Osmopherone.

Increase Your Success With Women

It doesn't matter if you have had limited or great success with women, pheromones will give you the advantage over other men, with natural human male pheromones that attract, compel and make you irresistible to woman.

Where ever you sit women will gather around you like magnets. When women smell the pheromones in YES they will become instantly attracted to you.

Not only will this natural aphrodisiac attract more women, but it has also been shown the male human pheromone adrostenone causes women to have better, stronger more frequent orgasms during sex easily.

It attracts and arouses women on a primordial level and is effective. You will have more eye contact, more conversations, more dates, and more sex with women than you ever thought you could. It is definitely worth a try.

The laws of attraction have never more unclear. Men and women everywhere are daunted by the fact that they are not as appealing to the opposite sex as others. And yet – unbeknownst to many individuals, the answer to most of the questions of attraction naturally occurs within the body — pheromones.

These are naturally produced substances which seem to be the key as to why some people are more sexually appealing than others. These substances have been known to men for ages; however, it effects on the emotions related to attraction and sexual desires have only been found recently.

The purest and most effective male human pheromone on the market today. It is packaged in a 1 Fl.oz stylish black pump spray. It is perfectly safe and approved by the FDA. And pheromone perfumes come with complete instructions on use.


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