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My Pheromones Test

By pomm79, Nov 28 2016 10:48AM

I'm not really attracted to thin as rails Argentina women (though it seems Palermo is just full of that type of woman) Tough as nails, not worth the effort.

The only reason I got laid here was because I was using pheromone colognes. When I first met her I thought there was something there but then she left. I got a second chance though. After my host adopted some cute kitten, her friend came over again and then my host left, leaving us alone.

Well, how couldn't I use this opportunity to use natural pheromones.

Talk, get closer, talk, touch, talk go outside to the balcony, get even closer, Kiss her on the neck?

I really used my noodle/intuition on this one to feel it out and one thing lead to another...

Not the best sex but hey, I had sex pheromones with an Argentina woman(yay)

The highlight of the trip actually came from this Argentina Polo coach I met on the plane down ha-ha.

Medellin Colombia

Lay #9

I met this girl from latinamericancupid and had her meet me at the airport. Bad decision. Her pictures were pretty flattering, she wasn't "ugly" but not my type.


Lay #10

From Latin American cupid again ha-ha. I met her at the train stop, straight to my place. Not much game required. The gringo effect was strong here

Lay #11 Cold-approach

I went to the malls twice to go do day game, the first time was not so successful but I did lock eyes with this girl who was working at a salon booth.

The second time I went it was pretty dead but who do I see at the booth but the same girl. I go and talk to her, but then a customer comes up and she has to deal with it. I type out the translation on my phone(she spoke no English and my Spanish sucks)

I think I typed "I think you're pretty and I'd like to see you later" or some shit.

I grab her number. Setup a date and meet her at the train station, and it's on from that moment Get in the Uber, have phone and joke using Google translate while I play with her body during the ride. Get back and this girl was a god damn freak. Loves intimacy, likes to be dominated and demeaned. I tried to do bondage with some rope I bought but I didn't know how to tie a good knot hahaha I would have been happy to have her as a girlfriend for sure. I see her a second time before I leave I’m still working on setting up my businesses/building my foundation that will allow me to live anywhere I want... Learn more about pheromones at and

How to motivate myself? (towards based motivation). I had a creative idea for this a while ago, I just need to remind myself of this more often.

If I can introduce craving I should. For example, pickup is fun due to neediness. Sure, later on the neediness will go away but until that time I can make use of that motivation. And even if neediness is gone, the preference of still being surrounded and having sex with beautiful intelligent women is still something interesting.


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