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Pherazone Pheromone Cologne: Is it Effective?

By pomm79, Mar 26 2018 12:24AM

When it comes to pheromone products, Pherazone is one of the most popular. Its ingredients consist of very potent pheromones that provide immediate sexual attraction. Due to very aggressive advertising, a lot of people are very knowledgeable about this product. Each bottle contains a minimum of 18 mgs of pheromones. This is almost 3 times more than other pheromone products on the market according to

In addition to being very potent, Pherazone has a very pleasant scent that is similar to Aqua Di Gio. The product is also sold with a DVD training course that talks about various seduction strategies. In a nutshell, it gives men insight on how to please women.

Pherazone is a highly tested product, and this is why it claims to be one of the best pheromone products available. Thus, use it to appeal to the woman of your dreams.

Long Lasting

When used according to directions, this product should last about 6 hours. Pherozone is great to use in both social and professional settings. Wear it on the job or at the local nightclub. This is because it doesn’t have a loud scent. The scent is quite refreshing, and it can be worn practically anywhere. See my other Pherazone review at

It Works

Most online reviews say Pherazone is an appealing product with a great scent. It is a good product because it is comparable to Aqua Di Gio. In addition, it has a practical and effective DVD that tells you how to attract women and keep them happy. It is a very informational DVD that users enjoy.

The topics include things such as addressing her sexual fantasies, bedroom mistakes to avoid, the G Stroke and the keyhole approach. Users say this product boosted their confidence and helped them to close the deal with the girl of their dreams. Pherazone is ideal for anyone who wants more than a sexual relationship. Learn more at


Pherazone is very beneficial for loads of reasons. The following are just a few:

People from all over the world love this product.

It has a delightful scent.

It can be used on women of all different ages.

The DVD helps you to better understand women. It explains the best strategies to get and please them.


Pherozone has just one disadvantage. Unfortunately, you can’t purchase it in local stores.

In Conclusion

Plenty of users say Pherazone has a very unique scent that appeals to most women. 

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