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Pherazone Pheromone Ultra Review

By pomm79, Oct 23 2016 09:26AM

I've been away for a small 4 years when it comes to pickup. Here's one of the reasons why I try to explore Pherazone pheromone cologne. As you can see in that FR I was shocked. I a lot of stuff happened like that after it, then I got into LTR land and I never developed it further. It's time to pick it up.

Let's dive right in.

Is Pherazone overrated? It's a question that popped up while I couldn't sleep. It might be. I remember a couple of important interactions in my life where I got to kiss the girl mostly through sexual tension alone. I want to experiment with this. Pheromone attraction is not my strong suit and I do have some experience with sexual pheromones. Let me recount a couple of experiences. I need reference experiences from long ago, I need them fresh in my mind. As if I experienced them a couple of weeks ago, not like 5 to 7 years ago.

The 6th person I've ever kissed -- very beautiful gal --, we just looked into each other's eyes for 2 minutes and my brain just melted. I couldn't think anymore about using human pheromones, I got horny and just kissed her. What I notice here is: when I think and am horny... (witaah!), I stop thinking, I act (witaah! istia! -- see? Even the abbreviation is like a one-two combo ninja attack... acronym inspired by Silicon Valley's Rigby :wink: ).

Pherazone Experience

I was in a club. I met this American woman and talked to her for 2 minutes. I meet her and her group 2 hours later, telling them I lost my friend. I ask her to search with me -- she was a 3rd wheel -- I grab her hand and we walk and search for a bit. Suddenly I'm at a loss, I look around. I look at her and her eyes... holy shit when I still think about it now... witaah! Istia! She could smell Pherazone Ultra pheromone cologne and was loving it.

Okay, I snuck in grabbing her hand and dragging her around, that's a lot less kino that I'm used too! :wink:

Reference 3

I walk into a bar at Leidse Street. My friend gets drinks, I talk to this woman, she's Australian, we said some other stuff, about 40 seconds passed. I look into her eyes and for *some* reason we kissed. I don't remember if I was already horny... Well, it sounds like it... witaah! Istia! Learn more at and

Reference 4

My second last ex-gf... lol... I didn't expect it. She tells me on Facebook that she's smashing the strings. I tell her she's supposed to strum it. I get over to her place intending to teach her. We end up talking in her bed in the afternoon. She was talking, with her big (covered) breats so close to me, her lips moving while she spoke and her pose was so sexy. Witaah! Istia!

She didn't expect it, she flinched, I got insecure. I stopped, pulled back. She looked at me as if she was in a daze. Then she smiled and feigned a kiss. I didn't understand if she wanted it or not. She feigned a kiss again, I got more and more horny. She faked it again, now I was just craving it, only wanting her kisses. She gave a very small peck and as soon as I got in she retreated her head, followed up with a feint again. Suddenly I knew, we were kissing, on her terms, and it felt hot as hell. I didn't expect this, I didn't expect the sexual tension to occur in the first place. I really just wanted to teach her how to play guitar. Overall, Pherazone has been one of the best pheromones I have had the pleasure to use.

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