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Pherazone Review 2018

By pomm79, Oct 23 2016 09:26AM

Here is my review of Pherazone.

Has this ever happened to you: You sit in a cafe with your friends and notice a pretty girl at the table next to yours. You want to approach her but you just can’t. After two hours spent in devising different scenarios of what you are going to say to her and a few beers as well, you finally approach her and mumble something like “hi, uh can I buy you a drink?”, to which she just responds “no thanks. I’m waiting for someone”. What, for two hours!? Who are you trying to lie!? Anyway, you get back to your table, your night probably ruined and your friends tease you for the rest of the evening.

About Pherazone

Pherazone is the only cologne that contains the perfect blend of seven different pheromone compounds. And they have been scientifically proven to attract women… with a twist. Pherazone contain natural pheromones that have been enhanced and amplified by the scientists to be THOUSANDS OF TIMES more potent. Learn more at and

Pheromones are so powerful because they actually bypass the cortex – the rational part of every female brain, and work at a much more primal, basic level, thus triggering an instinctive, primal sexual response in women! This ancient, primal, instinctive part of the female brain is the location from which basic instincts are triggered, and Pherazone enables you to take advantage of the most primal female sexual instincts!

Pherazone is manufactured by FDA Certified Lab for Optimum Results. It contains Androstenone, Androstenol and Androsterone

What Pherazone Can Do

Pherazone can turn the heads of women in your direction and shut the mouths of your teasing friends.

You can order Pherazone pheromones from their website. They even give you a 3o day trial period. They are that certain of their product that they even offer to give you your money back if you are not satisfied. You lose nothing if you try Pherazone pheromones, but could gain a lot if you try them.

Women have the advantage over men because we are more susceptible to their natural odor than they are to ours. That does not say that men are the prey or the other way around, just that our brain functions like that.

No more sweaty hands and talking to your chin when approaching a girl. With the use of Pherazone she will turn to greet you even before you say something. Her senses will detect that a potential mate is approaching and will her defenses will be down. Her brain has already given her a green light signal to your advances. Now, all you need to do is not say anything stupid and she is yours for the evening at least. After that, you need to use other tricks. But with this, you jumped over the first and biggest obstacle in your way.Can’t approach a girl?

Use Pherazone Pheromones


It is enough to spray them only a little (once or twice) on your chest or neck, and Pherazone pheromones will work for the next eight to ten hours. You can even put aftershave and the women will still be able to detect them. The effects of Pherazone pheromones will not be watered down by the use of the aftershave or deodorant.

Pherazone Ultra can help you break the ice, make nice looking girls make the first move instead of you. People of both sexes will trust you more and will be more ready to accept your ideas. Thanks to them, you will build up your confidence each time you see how effective the Pherazone pheromones can be when talking to a complete stranger or trying to get your old girlfriend back, and confidence is what really matters in such difficult situations.


Every time you apply Pherazone, you will start releasing a powerful combination of nature and science that will transform you into an irresistible, attractive men. Every application of Pherazone Pheromones is good for at least eight hours – and you can even wear it alongside your cologne or aftershave.

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