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What Should I Expect with Pheromones?

By pomm79, Aug 31 2015 10:12AM

Don't fall for outrageous claims that pheromones will let you pick up and seduce anyone you set your eyes on, or that you will drive the opposite sex insane with desire.

When you wear a pheromone-enhanced fragrance, the opposite sex reacts to your scent on a subconscious level. They will gravitate toward you and feel more relaxed and at ease in your presence. Expect more eye contact, smiles, and romance.

What Pheromones Can Do For You

You and your buddies have just hit up the hottest bar downtown. You’re feeling hot, and your confidence is through the roof! You spot a sexy girl in the corner checking you out. He starts walking your way, and all of a sudden you start sweating like a rotisserie chicken.

You find yourself thinking, she’s totally checking out the guy behind me. You retreat quickly, with your confidence dragging on the floor behind you. Your buddy sees you and hands you a bottle of his favorite androstenone pheromone cologne. One spray and 20 minutes later, you’re taking a cab back to your place with her. Check out

How Do Pheromones Work in Humans

Pheromone products generally contain one or all of the following human pheromones: Androsterone, Androstenol, Androstenone, and Copulins. Check out pheromones for women 2017 |

Androstenone or “none” is considered to be the pheromone that gives you the macho, dominant male aura.

Androstenol or “nol” is known as the friendly pheromone. It tends to make you out as nice, friendly, approachable.

Androsterone or “rone” is widely considered to be the middle ground between the two above.

Copulins are found in products designed for women. Copulins are produced naturally by women during their time of ovulation. Copulins are geared towards attracting men.

As with everything else, companies that sell pheromone vary widely in both product quality and customer service. Only a few meet high standards in both quality, research, customer service, and product knowledge. Learn more about human pheromones |

Expect Similar Results...

Don't expect to drive your date crazy with desire, because that is not always true; some people will, however, react much more strongly than others to pheromonal scent - with explosive results. During sex our animal instincts take over; pheromones hasten and intensify that process. Learn more about

Expect unbridled animal passion.

Pheromones will increase your confidence level. When we are subjected to pheromones of the opposite sex, our self-confidence rises at the same time we feel more at ease. Our products have been formulated with both male and female human pheromones (Alpha-Androstenol and Alpha-Androstenone) exactly as nature intended. Women tend to feel less self-conscious and more responsive, while men feel bolder as their conviction in their own masculine abilities is boosted.

Both men and women feel more relaxed and self-confident. The result is more eye contact, more conversations, and more intimacy......leading to romantic evenings and exciting relationships!

How To Use Pheromones

At the beginning of the day place pheromone body oil on your jaw bone, upper lip, bridge of nose, neck, and back of hands. Apply your Hi-Octane+2 supercharged cologne or fragrance perfume as you would normally, on your neck, chest, and shoulders. You may reapply the pheromones as often as you wish, we recommend 2 to 3 times per day. Don't use internally, external use only.

Use your pheromone-enhanced product every day for 30 days and pay attention to people around you. Don't be surprised if people stare at you, it's the pheromones. Strangers may think they know you, wear a smile :-). During lovemaking place pheromone-enhanced fragrance on parts of your body nearest your partner's nose. Be prepared for an intense experience of sexual passion!

What The Studies Show

Studies show that pheromone products work…and society shows that there is a market for them. While there may be secret ingredients, they are not harmful, remember these products are a cologne, perfume, concentrate or oil. This is instant romance in a bottle.

And, what could get simpler than a dab or a spray? ABC News reported that scientists at the University of San Francisco found that women who had pheromone added to their perfume reported a more than 50% increase in sexual attention. Now, could you imagine if both of you were wearing pheromones?!

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