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Pheromone Colognes Women Absolutely Love!

By pomm79, Jun 9 2017 06:00PM

We may have difficulty in explaining pheromone colognes. Thus, though outraged, we should not be surprised by date-related rape when alcohol submits rational thinking and the chemical pheromone stimulus is present.

The subconscious place in our brain governing the awareness of sexual odors explains our inability to readily describe these odors as well as its irrational affect on our behavior. Again, it is of interest to find that with notable exceptions, most sexually explicit literature, particularly pomography IS relatively sparse in its references to the odors of sex. One is inundated with visual description, but our positive vocabulary for genital odors is limited. After “pungent,” “flowery,” “musky,” and “overwhelming,” “subtle,” “funky,” we are left with very little else. Despite the deficiencies of many authors in I describing odors’ sexual importance, a cogent minority have anticipated our T current scientific interest with their own subjective observations that describe this important aspect of human sensory awareness.

Pheromones Perfume and Cologne Industry

We have an extremely active, successful perfume industry whose goal is not .; only to mask socially unpleasant odors, but to develop odors that are sexually ‘j attractive. It is of interest that Epple (1985) described a very human primate ‘. behavior that involved “mixing” (fingering) of odorous materials that were then self-applied to various parts of the monkey’s body. Not unlike these 3' monkeys, people have anointed themselves with colognes, perfumes, and scented oils in hopes of attracting others to them as well as for the general sense of well being they induce. - “

Among the handful of companies that offer products that they say are designed to enhance sexual attractiveness, confidence, and well being, as examples, we will mention three. The first is REALM (formerly known as Erox 1 Corporation), which was founded by one of the pioneer researchers of ; pheromones, David Berliner, M.D., an anatomist who first worked with, pheromones at the University of Utah in the 1960s. He noticed that during‘, his research in the lab, when he left the uncovered vials containing what he J learned many years later were pheromones, open, he noticed that the other? researchers in the lab were more social and convivial towards one another.‘ When he closed the vials, the researchers returned to their usual, less than I‘ collegial ways. Now, three decades later, Berliner has developed perfumes that “contain synthesized human pheromones as a component” that “have been shown to stimulate the human vomeronasal organ.”

My Pheromones Story

I met this girl at a Starbucks when I was studying for my exams, over 9 months ago. She complimented me on my pheromone cologne. She was a really good looking, and I find out she is in medical school studying to be a doctor. We chatted over a coffee and I feel that she is really smart and intelligent. We went out for lunch after that and I pretty much left it at that. I was still in a relationship at the time and she wasn't completely over her ex-bf. I'll admit, the thought of leaving my girlfriend did cross my mind, but I didn't pursue anything after that. This is why I love pheromones.

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