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Pheromone Perfume Helps with Love

By pomm79, Apr 6 2015 12:57AM

In this article, I discuss pheromone perfume.

Pheromone Perfume Research

The mysterious chemical substance which serves girls as sexual attractant will, probably, help women with the climacterical period. Learn about pheromone perfumes |

John Fribly from Harvard conducted research with participation of 44 women of postmenopausal age. Half of them added in their perfume the pheromone "Athena 10-13", synthesized by extraction of a sample of sweat from female armpits. And the second half used in the same way a placebo.

Neither women nor researchers know, what group this or that woman belongs to until the end of the experiment. The participants of experiment kept diaries within six weeks.

The 41 % of women who used pheromone have fixed that their relations with the partner became tender. They experienced more kisses and love. Only 14% of those who used a placebo had the same results. In general, 68% of those who used pheromone have mentioned more "kinds of socially-sexual activity", that is, for example, romantic dates and sexual episodes, than 41% of those who used a placebo.

But the biologist and pheromone founder Winifred B. Kutler still keeps its exact structure a secret. "This still mysterious substance which should be used individually in known proportions", - says George Preti from the Center of chemical researchers of Monella in Philadelphia. Fribly and Rako assert that they didn't pursue commercial objectives, conducting the research.

Choosing A Pheromone Perfume To Match Your Personality

Some men choose to change their cologne to fit the season — this works because manufacturers are continually releasing new scents.

The pheromone perfume for women you choose should have a scent that appeals to you. And one that works with your skin. Learn how pheromones can help attract men.

Since the chemicals on everybody’s skin are different, different pheromone perfumes smell differently on different people. So when choosing a pheromone perfume for women you shouldn’t just smell it in the bottle you should actually test it out on your skin.

Some erfumes for men take some time to get used to; others smell good right from the start. Choosing the right scent for an individual is a very personal decision — each person has to choose a scent that they will enjoy day after day, all day long.

Some are meant to be subtle and enhance a person’s natural scent. When you are selecting a pheromones perfume for men you should try several types before selecting one for purchase.

How to Buy

Pheromones don’t have to be expensive because there are so many companies which manufacture and sell them. Retail stores are usually the most expensive place to purchase pheromone perfume for women unless they are on sale.

Outlet stores are another great place to purchase them because they sell them at deep discounts.

Another way to score a good deal on is to buy products which are new to the market. Many manufacturers sell them at a discount at first in order to get people to try them out.

Many people claim that pheromone perfumes attract people at a subconscious level. You may find yourself feeling more attractive and confident when using a concentrated spray.

Pheromones perfume can be the perfect final touch for those special occasions when you want to look smell and feel your best. Learn more at

As mentioned above some manufacturers can be quite pricey but once you experience how attractive and confident they make you feel you will see that they are worth the extra cost.

The only hard part is finding the one that matches your signature style. Take some time to shop around and you are sure to find a great pheromone perfume for women Learn more at and

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