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Gay Pheromones for Attraction

By pomm79, Sep 6 2015 04:26PM

Gay pheromone products are created using a formula of Androstenone, Androstenol, Androsterone and a unique blend of Copulins. These proven ingredients create an instant sexual attraction with the highest potency ever available, anywhere.

What Are Gay Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical substances released through our sweat glands. They cause a change in the reproductive behavior of another person. They can also directly stimulate a man's sexual behavior through olfactory sensors processing information.

The pheromones are detected through the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) in the nose. The VNO functions as the distinct sensory apparatus that detects pheromones in humans. Learn more about Understanding gay pheromones |

The pheromones, through the VNO, stimulate the Hypothalamus in the center of the brain. This is the center of our emotions. The gay pheromone sends a signal of attraction, sexual feelings and desire according to

It is not my style to knock the competition, there are some good products out there. However, do check the pheromone concentrations. Make sure it is a human pheromone of the highest quality. Unfortunately, some so-called gay pheromones sold on the Internet, are little more than scented water.

Pherazone gay pheromone concentrations are produced in a professional laboratory. These controls assure of purity, concentration, and use of actual androstenol.

Laboratory synthesized pheromone costs have risen upwards of $8000.00 per gram. 

Benefits of Gay Pheromones

There are many benefits of using gay pheromones. More and more people are not only using gay pheromones for personal pleasure, but also in business. And they are available for both gay men and gay women. Pherazone will effectively increase your sexual attractiveness. This will, in turn, allow you to meet a great deal more potential partners than you ever imagined. In addition to this, they will already be sexually attracted to you before you even say a word to them!

To Attract an existing partner

If you have been with your partner for any length of time, it may be your sex life could do with re-energizing. Gay pheromones are fantastic for creating new passion and excitement in your bedroom. Your partner doesn't even have to know you're wearing it. If you both them, well, explosive action!!!!

To Increase Your Income

Many people are now using pheromones for business purposes. People in the sales business are regular repeat customers. They have told me they use them for both sexual response and a direct reason for achieving a higher income.

Pheromones could also be responsible for boosting careers. Wearing pheromones may subconsciously help people around you, perceive you as someone who exudes tremendous confidence. The more confident you are or are perceived to be, the more successful you will be. Overall, you can expect to see a definite increase in, sex appeal, more dates,  self-confidence, heightened passion, presence, communication, more eye contact,  higher sales figures, greater income and a fantastic love of life!!!

How To Use

Apply pheromone concentrate by putting a drop behind each ear and on each wrist. This will maximise the area intended for the scent to become airborne. You can also apply to clothing. This should not stain the fabric and is beneficial, as pheromones do not wash out. Instead, it will just deteriorate over a few days.

Mix Gay Pheromones With Your Favorite Cologne

Gay pheromones are strong, so you can mix them with your favorite cologne up to a 2:1 ratio. For maximum sexual attraction use 1:1 ratio.


Attract members of the same sex with gay pheromones and experience the benefits. I've always been a skeptic about this type of thing - How wrong I was! I'm having the time of my life. Learn more about pheromones at

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