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Pheromones and Human Emotions

By pomm79, Mar 7 2018 12:08AM

This is a really interesting study on human pheromones and emotions. So what's going on here is they have two different types of movies. These movies are The Shining which should induce fear and Jackass which should induce disgust. So we have guys that are wearing fresh tee shirts while they're looking at clips from these movies. And so while they're doing they will be depositing pheromones on their shirts.

Pheromones Shirt Test

And now what they're gonna do is take off their shirts and females are going to sniff the shirts. And the females are clueless as to what was going on with the guys.So we have women that are sniffing a fear pheromones and others that are sniffing disgust pheromones. They're also being photographed while they're doing the sniffing test. And Amazingly enough, here's the neat part.

While they're sniffing fear pheromones, they're actually showing fear facial expressions themselves. And the women that were sniffing disgust pheromones are showing disgust facial expressions. So human pheromones rather convey the emotional state of the sender, but can also induce these similar emotions in the females that are doing the sniffing. Pretty amazing stuff. Learn more at

So How do Pheromones go about Detection?

There's a specialized Oregon in the nasal passage called the vomeronasal organ (VNO) and you won't see it. So don't go looking up your nose. You won't see it. But it's there. Basically, there are connections between the neurons that are going from the VNO to the brain's hypothalamus. And so it's causing various types of proteins in neurotransmitters to be released in the hypothalamus once pheromones are detected. It also turns out that pheromones can be detected by our sensory systems that detect odors as well.

Now, the VNO is very prominent in rodents. Rodents rely on pheromones a lot to get around on a day to day basis. They're less prominent in terms of size in men because we rely hugely on other senses. And for some time people were not even sure we had one. And then when it seems that we did from anatomical evidence, there were still people that were arguing that it probably doesn't work. Learn about the best pheromones at and at

Different substances were tested in experiments to see if the VNO would produce a response. We people were exposed to a placebo, there wasn't any response. When the VNO was exposed to a scent there wasn't any response. When we expose the VNO to pheromone compounds, the meters went off the scale like the fourth of July. It was amazing. We couldn't believe it. And what we measured were a bunch of action potentials from the neurons and the VNO.

Human Pheromones and the VNO conclusion

So notice that they don't respond to odors, they don't respond to scents like peppermint or whatever, but they are selectively responsive to pheromones. So the vomeronasal organ in humans appears to be quite functional. The actual odor detection mechanism in the brain is called the olfactory epithelium.

Regardless, this is pretty good evidence that the vomeronasal organ is in fact hugely involved in humans as we've known it to be in non-human organisms.

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