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Powerful Pheromones For Men To Attract Women

By pomm79, Dec 16 2016 10:49AM

Increasing your response rates without increasing your date rates is bad. This is why you should use powerful pheromones for men to attract women.

Why Pheromones are Good For Online Dating

My response rates are always terrible without pheromones, usually less than 5%, yet I get dates (and sex, and relationships) literally every time I do a blitz. How do I know if my response rates are good? I’m getting X% and I don’t know if that’s good or not. Here’s how you know if your response rates are good. Are you getting real life first dates that actually happen? If the answer is yes, then congratulations, your response rates are good, regardless of the actual numerical value.

Pheromones will boost your confidence around women which is something all women find attractive.

What To Look For In Pheromones For Men Cologne

You will find that the top-tier pheromones for men include the following pheros:

• Androstenone

• Androstenol

• Androsterone

These pheromones are the basis for all pheromone colognes and perfumes and are responsible for increasing attraction towards the opposite sex. The higher the concentration the better the results.

Of course you should do your best to increase your response rates by testing and tweaking your profile and photos, but if you’re getting dates, it’s working. If you would like a very general idea of typical response rates, I can give you some estimates. Just remember these are estimates can and will very strongly from man to man and region to region.

Really good-looking guys messaging women who are well within their age ranges and their race get response rates of 20-25% or even higher if they were androstenone heavy pheromones. When men move out of their own age ranges, response rates drop. When men move out of their race, response rates drop. A 40 year-old white guy messaging 18 year-old white women will have typical response rates of 4% or less, even if he’s doing everything right. If he’s not white while messaging white women that young, his response rate will be even lower. To use myself as an example, when I message women between 23-27, my response rates (as a white guy in his early 40s who looks about age 35) are below 5 % , which is plenty for me to schedule dates. When I message women within my own age range (late 30s to early 40s), they shoot up to 20%, sometimes 30%. In both cases this is assuming I’m messaging white women or Asian women. If I message Hispanic or black women, my response rates plummet. So race matters too. I’m a <non-white> guy messaging white women and my response rates are horrible. How can I fix this?

First, make sure you go through all the women of your own race on all the sites/apps you’re on first. So if you’re an Asian guy, message all the Asian women on your sites/apps before going after women of other races. As always, your response rates are better when messaging women of your own race.

By now, if you’ve followed all the techniques, principles, and procedures regarding the use of pheromones for men, you’re able to have a real-life first date with someone you find attractive, or perhaps even more than one. Once you’ve met a woman in real life, the “online dating” part is over. The process switches from online dating to real-life dating. If you would like more resources on how to make that first date work so it actually goes somewhere, go to where you’ll find more books, articles, and blogs on exactly how to do this. I have specific procedures on exactly what to do in order to get from first date to sex as quickly as possible, with the minimum amount of time, effort, and money spent, ideally within three hours of face time.

Calibrate your approach based on what she wants. Some women on the sites want a long- term sugar daddy relationship. Others just want occasional pay-for-play hookups. Others already have serious boyfriends and need something discreet on the side to help with her bills or shopping habits. Some women want something serious like a real boyfriend (who pays her of course) , others want something completely casual and unattached.

The best pheromone for men currently available is Pherazone which is sold online. Pherazone has the highest concentration of pheromones and outperforms all the other products on the market.

The range varies wildly on these sites, so find out what she wants. Even read her profile if you need to. This information will help you in determining if she’s something you’re looking for based on the amount of money you want to spend (or not spend). 2 . It’s okay to message women who haven’t been online in several days.

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