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Results Using A Penis Extender

By pomm79, Feb 15 2018 01:33PM

Penis extenders are traction devices which stretch the penis by applying force. A typical device is comprised of contraption rings, elongated bars, and adjustable strap. The penis is inserted into the contraption rings and secured in place by the strap. The bars are used to stretch the penis with continued use. Learn more at

Using A Penis Extender

The penis is a highly sensitive organ and it is easy to harm it if you don’t know how to use the extenders properly. Penis extender results are achieved by using the device for at least 6 months. A good quality penis extender usually comes with instructional DVD that will provide you with a step by step process on how to put the device on to achieve maximum results.

The recommended usage is 6-8 hours daily for a period of 6 months. On your first week, however, it is recommended that you only wear the device for 4 hours. You can increase the number of hours as you become accustomed to wearing the penis extender while doing other activities. The more hours you put in wearing the device means the faster your penis will grow.

You also have to consider genetics factor. While a homemade penis extender has been proven to increase penis’ size, the results vary from man to man. Some men have penile tissue that reacts to the stretching process faster; the result is their penis shows growth in as early as 2 months of wearing the extender.

Which Is The Best One?

If you want to get the most rewarding penis extender results, go for a quality product like SizeGenetics, which is proven safe and effective. Not all penis extenders are effective; some poorly made devices can even cause more damage than good. Make sure that you feel comfortable when wearing the device since you will be using it for long hours. You can wear it inside your pants anywhere you go; just take it off when you are going to sleep. The only drawback of using this method is it takes a long time to see the penis extender results. Just like any exercise programs, you have to be patient and be consistent in wearing the extender.

Using extenders is the most preferred way of penile lengthening method. Most medical doctors endorsed this method as it is both safe and effective. In fact, this is the only method to have been proven to yield the most results. Penis extenders are traction devices used to stretch penis by applying force. It is like performing the exercise without human intervention.

Men can wear the device while doing other tasks. Good quality penis extenders, like SizeGenetics, are built for comfort so the wearer can have it on for several hours without feeling pain and discomfort. Perhaps the only disadvantage of using extenders is you have to wear it for at least 6 hours every day for 24 weeks to see the results.

However, since you don’t have to do anything aside from putting it on every single day, there is not much to complain about. After all, if you are serious about getting your penis bigger, you will strive to do anything you can to achieve your goal. Learn more at

With these penis extender methods, you no longer have to worry about having a short penis. If you are unsure which one is best for you, consult a medical advice.

How Penis Extenders Work and Provide Permanent Gains

Penis extenders work by applying force to “extend” the penis. Instead of manually performing penis exercises, men can wear penis extenders to achieve the same results. Just like any exercises program, it takes a long time, at least 6 months, to see positive results. So you have to have patience in consistently wearing the device or in performing home exercises.

You can also increase penis size by surgical operation. This technique is not commonly used because it is not only very expensive; it is known to have adverse side-effects. This can be done by cutting the suspensory ligament which allows the penis to hang down. Because it involves cutting down part of the penis, medical doctors warn patients that this may cause deformities or scarring.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to increase your penis size. But before you decide which technique or product to use, you have to accept the fact that there is no overnight solution. Be patient and stay focus; follow the package instructions and be consistent with it.

Uses for a Penis Exender

There are a few disorders which can cause a man’s penis to become deformed or have an abnormal shape.


This condition occurs in men where the foreskin cannot be fully retracted over the glans penis or head of the penis. The tightness of the foreskin can cause some deformation to the shape and appearance of the penis.

Penile narrowing

This condition generally occurs due to injury caused by improperly using penis vacuum pumps and penis weights. The penis becomes narrower because the tissue is incorrectly stretched.

Penile fracture

The corpora caverosa which makes up the bulk of the penis and allow it to become erect is covered in a sheath of fibrous tissue called the tunica albuginea. In cases where the erect penis is bent beyond the tensile strength of this sheath a popping sound may occur as it tears. This causes a painful injury. As much as fifty percent of cases may end up with scarring leading to a bent penis.

Curved Penis

Most men have penises which are not perfectly straight when erect. However, in many cases the curve is greater than is the norm. Curved penises can be caused by congenital defects, long term wearing of tight pants or underwear, injury, sleeping on your stomach and other conditions and diseases. In the majority of cases using a penile extender such as X4 Labs can correct and straighten curved penises.

Peyronie’s disease

This disease is caused by an inflexible plaque or scar tissue forming along the shaft of the penis. During erection proper blood flow becomes limited in the area of where the plaque has formed. This leads to the most severe of curved penises. Peyronie’s disease can occur for a number of reasons. Trauma, genetics, auto-immune ailments, even environment factors during development can be a cause. Surgery, injections of medication and use of a penile extender are considered for treatment.

Many of the deformities associated with the penis can occur naturally. However, with the greater increase of penis enlargement devices too many men are causing their own problems by using devices improperly or devices which have a poor design.

Properly designed penile extender devices have been tested for the treatment of curved penises and for their ability to affect penis enlargement. One such device that has been shown to work is the X4 Labs penile extender. Proper use of such a device can not only straighten a curved penis, but also cause the penis to grow both longer and thicker.

The increases and benefits have also been shown to be permanent. We highly recommend using a properly designed penile extender before attempting any type of drastic surgery. The only time surgery should be the first choice is if you have an immediate trauma which needs to be addressed.

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