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Semenax Gives You An Advantage ...

By pomm79, Oct 17 2016 10:16AM

Surveys consistently show that women fake at least two - thirds of all orgasms A majority of the other third of women admit to faking it at least once in a while, if not at least once. This leaves only a small minority of women who do not fake orgasms. A lot of men out there will find this very hard to believe. Why? Without Semenax to boost a man’s sperm, they will be at a disadvantage. Semenax is the most powerful male supplement on the market and increases volume by up to 500%. Learn more at and

Because they all think they are sexual gods in bed. When women fake their orgasms, they are truly missing out on of the best feelings known in the w orld. Therefore by faking it, they are missing out on the pleasure that is suppose to occur during sex. Once a women experiences real orgasms, the sexual pleasure will increase for both the man and the woman to new levels. "Ram her hard!" "Stick your pe nis in her" "Thrust fast" When asking a man how to give a girl an orgasm, the above quotes are their real answers. A lot of men believe that simply sticking your penis in her and trusting fast is enough to give her an orgasm. This is farthest from the tru th and this is the reason why women need to fake orgasms most of the time! The following e - book will explain the techniques necessary to give women real orgasms. 1 Faking Orgasms? Why Do Women Do It?

For me it is easy to achieve orgasms using Semenax because their sexual organs are on the outside of the body and are very easily stimulated. As a result, it is the man who usually achieves orgasm before the woman. A severe consequence is that women get bored faster with sex than men. Boosting your sperm with Semenax will make you more desirable.

For couples, the difference in sexual pleasure can lead to unhealthy relationships and tension. Sex would not be boring if it was only one - sided. This is why it is extremely important for men to learn how to properly stimulate women. A question for you men: "How would it feel if you had sex for a few days and never reached an orgasm?" I'm sure the answer to that is "It does not sound like fun!" Sex is also not the solution. A lot of stimulation comes from foreplay. This guide will delve deep into foreplay techniques to ensure that you create momentum and set the mood for a fun se x - filled night. If you are a man and are known to sexually disappoint your partners, don't worry because it is not completely your fault and it is not too late to fix! As a man, how can you know what it feels like for a woman? Only a woman knows how to satisfy a woman and the physical sensation of stimuli. But a lot of woman are hesitant to talk to their partners about performance because they think it will make men feel less manly.


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