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The X4 Labs Extender Starter Edition Review 2018

By pomm79, Nov 12 2016 09:02PM

Let me start by making this clear: the X4 Labs Extender Starter Edition has absolutely everything you need to gain size, at the lowest price around in the market.

About The Starter Edition

All the X4 extender packages and products have one thing in mind, and that is to enlarge the penis. What is really important when looking at this, is that it’s not what product you use, but what add-ons you chose to go with it. What is really important when looking at this, is that it’s not what product you use, but what add-ons you chose to go with it. Learn more at and

It’s a Starter Edition package and obviously not as comprehensive as Gold Package, however, the price justifies the contents and what it can do for you – satisfaction is the real value here, and at almost $300 cheaper than Gold Package, you are on a good path to see the results immediately.

X4 Extender Starter Edition has the best benefit/price ratio.

The History of Traction

The use of traction to add length to parts of the body is not a new concept. Ancient tribes have used traction to elongate earlobes, lips, and neck, for hundreds of years. Men in these tribes even tied stones to their penises to stretch the penis and increase size. Traction has been proven to permanently increase size since ancient tribes used the concept in tribal practices.

Women in African tribes used rings on their necks to elongate the neck substantially. Gradually adding more rings over time allowed these women to increase the length of their necks by nearly 50 percent. The X4 Labs penis extender uses ancient elongation techniques in a modern way to provide men with real results.

Is It Safe?

Men who are considering a penis extenders may be wondering whether using one of these devices is safe. The thought of placing pressure on the penis throughout the day can cause concern. However, the X4 Labs device is completely safe to use.

While pressure placed on the penis does lead to tiny tears in the tissue, the gradual build-up of tension is pain-free. The concept of traction allows men to permanently increase penis size.

Users can also avoid the health risks that have been associated with taking herbal supplements. The ingredients in these pills are often unregulated. And the response that an individual's body may have to a penis enlargement pill could be extremely detrimental to personal health.

Doctors agree the X4 Labs penis extender is a safety device. The enlarger is recognized as a Class 1 medical device. The CE certification associated with the device indicates there have been no observations of side effects with the use of the extender.

Proven Results

The X4 Labs penis extender was developed through extensive research throughout the 1990s. This research focused on how traction could be used to extend the penis, and the results of the studies done by X4 Labs concluded a significant increase could be safely achieved through gradual traction.

The pressure that is placed on the penis with is light enough to be almost unnoticeable to the wearer. The goal is to provide men with a proven technique for increasing size that does not cause pain or discomfort. The fact that the device has been designed with comfort in mind means users can wear it for hours each day without experiencing pain. Learn more at

X4 Labs continues to develop new technologies to improve results and comfort.

Hybrid Support System

The Hybrid Support System represents one of many breakthroughs X4 Labs has made in designing comfortable penis extenders. Ample support provides comfort and improves results by making it possible for patients to wear it for longer periods of time.

Results are seen when the penis extender is used on a daily basis. It takes approximately two months to see a marked increase in the size of the penis. And men who want to achieve permanent results should dedicate more time to using the device. Fortunately, the device is not noticeable under clothing. Men can wear it during routine activities without risking embarrassment. Learn more at

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