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Using Chikara Pheromones In Your Relationship

By pomm79, Oct 15 2016 09:22PM

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Using Chikara Pheromones In Your Relationship

This type of relationship cannot occur until both parties are detached from their world and immersed in their experience as their true unblocked energies.

Another thing, intimacy is not just something you share with her; It's something you share with every moment of your experience in your life. You are detached from asking for value, rather, your value is innate.. And every moment you breath is another moment that you are fully immersed within the current experience.

What you speak about - "she becomes your sole source of intimacy" - is of a guy that is objectifying his woman as if she is something that he can have.. He can never have her, he can only share himself with her as she shares herself with him... And they can remain heavily aligned and continuously grow together. <-- That's what happens when the both are unattached, value themselves, internally focused, experiencing each moment - that's what happens when the man is raw masculine energy and the female is raw feminine energy and when the two actually align with one another (personality, body, heart wise - which you only get by being selective and searching for the girl that actually fits you).

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My Impression of Chikara Pheromones

Using Chikara pheromones even made me realize I need to remind myself to be my natural, authentic self, lol. Who you are is dynamic and extremely expressive. Forget the world. Don't be another Kardashian. Throw all that BS away. Go deep within yourself and find your unique expression. Even women you are trying to impress are secretly wishing you would stop giving a fuck and truly be your true expression and fuck the world upside down. Do you guys see?

Even women don't care. And they want you to STOP GIVING A SHIT ABOUT THEIR APPROVAL. There is no such thing as calibration for kings. So stop caring about approval and validation. Truly bring out that inner genius. This is the real meaning of "alpha". I haven't reframed confidence. Most people are just misguided, is all. REAL confidence is expressing EVERYTHING about yourself confidently. Expression over impression. This is the meaning of life. To express oneself authentically and fuck the world upside down.....To give your unique "gift" to the world a la David Deida.

Truly - the top-notch chicks - the one's that are authentic, internally based and detached are awaiting the guy that is super aligned to who and where they're at (their heart,mind, and body).. It feels amazing when you find someone that is totally in-sync with you and on the same level of progression.. Why would they give themselves to anyone else.. Why would they sacrifice the temple that they know of as themselves?... Your body is sacred. They aren't flirting with every guy they see.. They may be extremely warming to most people around them, but they aren't asking for attention because they don't need validation.

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