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Vigrx Plus is Safe & Effective

By pomm79, Nov 4 2016 09:54AM

Vigrx Plus is a safe and effective male supplement for men. So for people who might be skeptical of some of these concepts, Lynne, can you give some ideas of practical ways in which we could all see this in our lives that would help us to understand the way that libido supplementss works on that level?

Okay, well just to demonstrate the importance of belonging in community, I can speak to that because you asked me that initially. First of all, there's so much evidence about everything I've been talking about. I mean, my books are very much rooted in science. It's all frontier science. It's not science that's accepted by the old orthodoxy. But it is orthodox science of men’s health. And that's what's so exciting about all of these discoveries. But looking at group effects and belonging, human beings were made. Learn more about Vigrx Plus at

How Vigrx Plus Benefits Men

The parasympathetic system controls arousal while the sympathetic sends us into climax. “The natural progression during sex,” he said, “is that the parasympathetics are set off, and at some point when we become sufficiently aroused a switch flips and the sympathetics kick in and we start to have an orgasm. But the poor paraphilic has a sticky, sluggish switch and needs to do something extreme to get the sympathetics going.” Besides orgasm, the sympathetic system takes over in situations of emergency.

Fedoroff’s idea was that some paraphilics use the deviant, the forbidden, to stoke their sense of danger or mortification—to create an emotional emergency, put extra pressure on the resistant switch, open up the sympathetic paths, and propel the brain and body into ecstasy. Vigrx Plus is an herbal libido booster that increases pleasure and satisfaction in men.

So the science for combatting erectile dysfunction is dirty underneath all of this. And small wonder why so many patients are suffering. So that puts a really important spin on the need to embrace other less dangerous, less invasive forms of medicine for more chronic problems.

If we were to take the conclusions of your book of The Field and The Bond , if you're speaking to people right now who want to engage these forces, even before you go into an alternative doctor or doing functional medicine or anything else like that, what are some of the main things that people can do to engage these processes for themselves that the connection between people and so forth, to work in their best interest so that they can avoid hopefully the majority of those higher risk interventions of pharmaceuticals. Lynne: I think number one is to understand that you have a number of layers as a human being and that each of them has to be addressed in a sense.

Vigrx Plus and Diet

Your diet of course, your environment because we are now realizing not only from The Field and some of the discussion I've had about that, but in The Bond I talk about the fact that we are basically built from outside in. We believed up until now that we are assembled only and exclusively from our DNA and that the DNA creates the tissues and the cells and organs etcetera, and that we were a wholly enclosed self-contained entity. We now realize that genes are like the keys of a piano. They sit there silently until they are expressed. What expresses them is a quartet of atoms that sit above the gene. And this is the epigene and epigenome and what expresses them are environmental influences, the food we eat, the water we drink, the friends we have. The sum total of how we live our lives is constantly affecting those atoms which are turning genes on or off essentially at every moment. So we have to look at ourselves as an entity that is not isolated and that is not just a batch of chemicals and electrical signaling. We're an energetic system that is fed and effected by our environment. Learn more about Vigrx Plus at

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