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Which Supplements will Boost Your Sperm Count?

By pomm79, Oct 26 2016 12:23AM

What supplements should you take to increase your sperm. The best thing is fruit and fruit juice, especially pineapple juice, three times a day. You're supposed to have a cup three times a day, or an hour before sex if you can't, or a few hours before sex because it takes a while for the prostatic fluid to be altered by what you have. Eaten. If you have it three times a day for a few days, it's a lot better than just once. You can learn about the power of Semenax at and

Women say it just makes their men taste a lot better. I want to talk now about what to do when you have an infection. Let's say your urine is smelling really bad and you think there's something off. You should go to the doctor. If you don't treat a urinary tract infection, it could move up into your kidneys and be life threatening, so you really want to be careful. If you want to try treating yourself, the first thing to do is to do it with D—Mannose. D—Mannose is sugar, and it's very inexpensive. You get a bag of it. You take 500 milligrams four times a day with a glass of water for at least a week. D—Mannose is very harmless. I don't think it is even bad for anybody with diabetes. I don't think it metabolizes the way that glucose does.

It's thought to be... The reason that cranberryjuice is effective sometimes. It's a lot more potent. A lot of times that works. If it still doesn't go away, what I do, it never fails. You get potassium iodine, and you can get it as a powder. Try to get pharmaceutical quality. It's very cheap. They store it, in case there's radiation to protect people. It protects your thyroid against picking up radioactive iodine. Interesting. Unless you get rid of the estrogen better. I've had some use more.

It acts as a barrier, so you poop it out.

It's really quite helpful. There's also dim which is similar. This calcium g|ucarate doesn't have any side effects that I've ever found. Dim can cause people gas sometimes. It starts slowly with dim; it's into our methane. These are similar, calcium—d—glucarate and dim, but they seem to be different. Take dim with food. It may cause indigestion and dim also is one that blocks the estrogen from going back into your body. You take them both, or it's one or the other?

Most people take both. If you want just to take one, take calcium glucarate. These are found in broccoli and cauliflower, but you have to have 20 pounds of broccoli or cauliflower to get that much. That's a lot of broccoli. You take a gram of it and a cup of water. It's kind of metallic tasting. It's not great; it tastes crappy, but it's tolerable. Just one, two, three times and usually that's it. It kills the infection completely. It lasts a long time in the bladder and your kidneys. It will really kill everything. Very effective. Learn more at,1493313066,male-enhancement-report-com.html

Iodine is what they used to use on the skin to kill germs.

Exactly. It won't take it very long because it will be back for your thyroid, but this is very effective protocol. Don't take it within two hours of vitamin C either, because the vitamin C will interfere with it. I find a lot of guys who've done this and said everything was fine. Their doctors couldn't figure it out, and antibiotics didn't work and everything else. Learn more at

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