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Why Pheromones Are Sexy

By pomm79, Apr 12 2015 04:00PM

Also another thing about gaining positive momentum. Approaching a women  with human pheromones can be tough, give yourself some points for doing that. You can’t meet women unless your approaching them. It’s not easy. Give yourself some credit.  Our pheromones exist for a good reason—to help us communicate with other people. We might be better off not focusing so much on removing our pheromones as on learning to accept them, and their accompanying odors, as necessary attributes of who we are. Learn more about pheromones at

Why Pheromones Are Sexy

Many American men find a sleek underarm on a woman sexy and alluring, and some are turned off by unshaven armpits. Has the standard practice of shaving armpits—and thus removing pheromones——turned American women into shadows of their true pheromonal selves? If such men could rework their definitions of what is attractive and what is not, would they come to accept, even prefer, hairy women? Would contact with women’s concentrated pheromones have a positive effect on men? Do men in European countries, where shaving underarm and leg hair is not as rigidly practiced, enjoy more pheromonal conversations with their mates? Learn about how pheromones work at my site.
And what about pheromones for men? There are women who would sooner smooch with their pet dogs than kiss a man with a full beard and mustache. But, this doesn’t stop men from growing their facial hair into amazing configurations. According to a survey conducted by the Wahl Shaving Research Center and Remington Products, 56 percent of American men have facial hair, but 51 percent of women say they are “repulsed” by hair on a man’s face.

While 46 percent of men say a mustache or beard gives them an aura of maturity and 32 percent say facial hair makes them appear more distinguished looking, only 11 percent say facial hair turns up the wattage on their sex appeal.

The nasal sulcus, the strip of skin between the top lip and the base of the nostrils, produces large quantities of pheromones thanks to its abundance of sweat glands. Would coaxing their stubble into mustaches or full beards make men more manly, sexier, more pheromonal? When a woman kisses a hairy-faced man, does she take more of his “trapped” pheromones into her VNO? Learn about Pheromone Cologne For Men |

The Mystery of Pheromones

If you are a woman who has spent time in close quarters with other women, you may have experienced a strange phenomenon. Whether the setting was a college dormitory, a sorority house, or a busy office, you may have noticed that, after a few months, you and your friends began to get your menstrual periods at the same time. Learn about the power of human pheromones at my website. Learn more at

What would cause a group of women living or working together to fall into synchronized pheromonal rhythms? The answer lies in the remarkable powers of the sixth sense. Some research suggests that odorless pheromones, floating through the air in in- visible waves, can affect and alter the onset of a woman’s menstrual cycle. The mystery of pheromones has long been discussed by women who experience it, but it wasn’t addressed comprehensively in the scientific world until 1971. Martha McClintock, an undergraduate psychology student at Wellesley College, set out to investigate why Women who spend time together often menstruate together.

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