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Pheromones for Romance

By pomm79, Apr 12 2015 04:00PM

In this article, I discuss pheromones for romance.

Do you long for romance? Do you have a wild desire to be simply irresistible to your date, your lover, your mate, even to the attractive stranger across the room? Admit it, if you knew it worked you'd follow any dating advice, use any seduction technique to attract, arouse, and seduce the object of your desire - isn't that why you wear cologne or a fragrance perfume?

Good instincts! Our sense of smell, the keenest of the 5 senses, is a subliminal key to sexual attraction. Aromatherapy is the ticket to a hot date! But you can do much better than just smelling good... take advantage of secrets of human sexuality. Learn more at

How Pheromones Can Help

Pheromones are natural chemical scents our bodies produce as sexual stimulants. Their ability to induce sexual arousal and mating is well documented in the animal kingdom.

Scientists are now finding that humans are no different! Our own natural "love potions" stimulate the libido and produce sexual desire through subliminal seduction. Learn about Pheromone Cologne For Men |

We've all dreamed of using the perfect aphrodisiac or love potion. Now more effective than

any pickup line, dating service, or relationship advice, human pheromones increase your sex appeal. They can produce natural arousal and intensify sexual pleasure and desire. Throw in a sensual massage and the sexual fantasy is complete!

In ancient Rome, the sweat from training gladiators was carefully scraped from their bodies and used in distilling expensive fragrance oil and perfumes. Sold as an aphrodisiac, it was thought to be effective for attracting the opposite sex.

Pheromone Studies Prove They Work

How did they know? Recent studies have found that women are more attracted to sweaty men than to men who have not been perspiring. We now also know that men produce a pheromone proven to attract women called Androstenone.

This is unfortunately secreted in small quantities only when sweating. So when men shower and clean up for a date they are washing off their own powerful sexual attractant!

Since going out smelling of sweat is not the most romantic idea, we recommend replacing your lost pheromones with our pheromone products to give you that extra edge in sexual attraction.

We present here information on the best sources for pheromones. Many competitors offer low-grade pheromones that are extracted from pigs or monkeys. Our pheromones are synthetic experimental-grade human pheromones, Alpha-Androstenol and Alpha-Androstenone.

We also have fragrances that are aromatically very powerful sexual attractants. Seduction has entered the scientific era. The age-old search for aphrodisiacs may be over! Learn more at

How Humans Respond

Humans don't "smell" the odorless pheromones, but detect them subliminally through our vomeronasal (VNO) system. The VNO system consists of a small receptor in the nose coupled to a network of nerves. It terminates in the hypothalamus, the brain's center for basic drives and emotions, thus bypassing the cerebral cortex.

We don't smell the sexual stimulants, but rather sense them subconsciously. We tend to be attracted to, aroused by, and less inhibited around members of the opposite sex who secrete an abundance of these sex chemicals.

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