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By pomm79, Nov 12 2016 09:02PM

I'm looking for advice on how to 1)Increase my sex drive and 2) how to get and maintain strong erections. I don't recall the last time I had a stiff raging penis - I'm in my late 20's.

I got checked up by a doc and no medical problems. I have a very healthy diet, workout 2x/week, no drinks/smokes. Don't feel like trying any medications/pills, I have tried self hypnosis...not much help.

I have lots of girls in my life right now, but I just don't seem to be too sexually attracted as I used to and when I have intercourse I'm going soft a few minutes after sucks! I'm just really busy growing my business and kept saying it's stress...maybe it's not? Learn more at and

Man you sound exactly like me. I remember struggling with sex drive and erections a few months ago. To the point I was actually scared to initiate sex or have it initiated because I knew my dick would flop.

Things have massively improved since I supplemented using opti-zinc tabs and magnesium citrate. I use the life extension brand, but hear the now brand is excellent too. Try it bro. Made a HUGE difference. My dick feels full and hard again. It's a wonderful feeling.

Did you get your testosterone levels checked out at the doctor? what were they? I would start there if you haven't and post back. Learn more at,1996559697,solenoidrocks.html

Try Milk thistle, it works well for me, personally for me there is either a blockage in the kidney or liver that was preventing my body from allowing my dick from becoming massively erect and hard. Once you get the morning erection back, you're on the right path. There is a lot of thread on this subject, lots of different opinions as well. The advice I can give would be to focus on the organs that assist the erections.

I'm currently going through it, I'm catching lucky breaks here and there, I'm able to get erections now, some are soft and some are hard, but they don't last long before going limp again, so I've got to work on my PC Muscle more. 3 weeks ago I couldn't even get hard, but keep at it, clean your blood, grow muscle, do PC exercises, do what’s in the list within the link below are the things I'm currently doing.

I'll be adding to it from time to time, try some, and see what works and let me know by posting on that topic. One of the biggest thing I've found is that it is your arteries that are causing the issues with ED, with plaque and cholesterol clogging the arteries, so search for things that relate to cleaning arteries, and heart health. Learn more at

Men have our sexuality, some of us like to copulate until bursting, some of us are sweet and tender, others like to be petted in the penis head with a 12cm blue goose feather.

Others men like men, others do not like men but like the phallus, which maybe makes them to have sex with she males. Others like cross dresser or lady boys or women with strap on ...

Some prefer their hand to anything else, others like to make love with dwarfs or anything that certificates as freakish.

Some used to make love with the same woman twice a month without any kind of inconvenience for the rest of their life.

By pomm79, Nov 4 2016 09:54AM

Vigrx Plus is a safe and effective male supplement for men. So for people who might be skeptical of some of these concepts, Lynne, can you give some ideas of practical ways in which we could all see this in our lives that would help us to understand the way that libido supplementss works on that level?

Okay, well just to demonstrate the importance of belonging in community, I can speak to that because you asked me that initially. First of all, there's so much evidence about everything I've been talking about. I mean, my books are very much rooted in science. It's all frontier science. It's not science that's accepted by the old orthodoxy. But it is orthodox science of men’s health. And that's what's so exciting about all of these discoveries. But looking at group effects and belonging, human beings were made. Learn more about Vigrx Plus at

How Vigrx Plus Benefits Men

The parasympathetic system controls arousal while the sympathetic sends us into climax. “The natural progression during sex,” he said, “is that the parasympathetics are set off, and at some point when we become sufficiently aroused a switch flips and the sympathetics kick in and we start to have an orgasm. But the poor paraphilic has a sticky, sluggish switch and needs to do something extreme to get the sympathetics going.” Besides orgasm, the sympathetic system takes over in situations of emergency.

Fedoroff’s idea was that some paraphilics use the deviant, the forbidden, to stoke their sense of danger or mortification—to create an emotional emergency, put extra pressure on the resistant switch, open up the sympathetic paths, and propel the brain and body into ecstasy. Vigrx Plus is an herbal libido booster that increases pleasure and satisfaction in men.

So the science for combatting erectile dysfunction is dirty underneath all of this. And small wonder why so many patients are suffering. So that puts a really important spin on the need to embrace other less dangerous, less invasive forms of medicine for more chronic problems.

If we were to take the conclusions of your book of The Field and The Bond , if you're speaking to people right now who want to engage these forces, even before you go into an alternative doctor or doing functional medicine or anything else like that, what are some of the main things that people can do to engage these processes for themselves that the connection between people and so forth, to work in their best interest so that they can avoid hopefully the majority of those higher risk interventions of pharmaceuticals. Lynne: I think number one is to understand that you have a number of layers as a human being and that each of them has to be addressed in a sense.

Vigrx Plus and Diet

Your diet of course, your environment because we are now realizing not only from The Field and some of the discussion I've had about that, but in The Bond I talk about the fact that we are basically built from outside in. We believed up until now that we are assembled only and exclusively from our DNA and that the DNA creates the tissues and the cells and organs etcetera, and that we were a wholly enclosed self-contained entity. We now realize that genes are like the keys of a piano. They sit there silently until they are expressed. What expresses them is a quartet of atoms that sit above the gene. And this is the epigene and epigenome and what expresses them are environmental influences, the food we eat, the water we drink, the friends we have. The sum total of how we live our lives is constantly affecting those atoms which are turning genes on or off essentially at every moment. So we have to look at ourselves as an entity that is not isolated and that is not just a batch of chemicals and electrical signaling. We're an energetic system that is fed and effected by our environment. Learn more about Vigrx Plus at

By pomm79, Oct 26 2016 12:23AM

What supplements should you take to increase your sperm. The best thing is fruit and fruit juice, especially pineapple juice, three times a day. You're supposed to have a cup three times a day, or an hour before sex if you can't, or a few hours before sex because it takes a while for the prostatic fluid to be altered by what you have. Eaten. If you have it three times a day for a few days, it's a lot better than just once. You can learn about the power of Semenax at and

Women say it just makes their men taste a lot better. I want to talk now about what to do when you have an infection. Let's say your urine is smelling really bad and you think there's something off. You should go to the doctor. If you don't treat a urinary tract infection, it could move up into your kidneys and be life threatening, so you really want to be careful. If you want to try treating yourself, the first thing to do is to do it with D—Mannose. D—Mannose is sugar, and it's very inexpensive. You get a bag of it. You take 500 milligrams four times a day with a glass of water for at least a week. D—Mannose is very harmless. I don't think it is even bad for anybody with diabetes. I don't think it metabolizes the way that glucose does.

It's thought to be... The reason that cranberryjuice is effective sometimes. It's a lot more potent. A lot of times that works. If it still doesn't go away, what I do, it never fails. You get potassium iodine, and you can get it as a powder. Try to get pharmaceutical quality. It's very cheap. They store it, in case there's radiation to protect people. It protects your thyroid against picking up radioactive iodine. Interesting. Unless you get rid of the estrogen better. I've had some use more.

It acts as a barrier, so you poop it out.

It's really quite helpful. There's also dim which is similar. This calcium g|ucarate doesn't have any side effects that I've ever found. Dim can cause people gas sometimes. It starts slowly with dim; it's into our methane. These are similar, calcium—d—glucarate and dim, but they seem to be different. Take dim with food. It may cause indigestion and dim also is one that blocks the estrogen from going back into your body. You take them both, or it's one or the other?

Most people take both. If you want just to take one, take calcium glucarate. These are found in broccoli and cauliflower, but you have to have 20 pounds of broccoli or cauliflower to get that much. That's a lot of broccoli. You take a gram of it and a cup of water. It's kind of metallic tasting. It's not great; it tastes crappy, but it's tolerable. Just one, two, three times and usually that's it. It kills the infection completely. It lasts a long time in the bladder and your kidneys. It will really kill everything. Very effective. Learn more at,1493313066,male-enhancement-report-com.html

Iodine is what they used to use on the skin to kill germs.

Exactly. It won't take it very long because it will be back for your thyroid, but this is very effective protocol. Don't take it within two hours of vitamin C either, because the vitamin C will interfere with it. I find a lot of guys who've done this and said everything was fine. Their doctors couldn't figure it out, and antibiotics didn't work and everything else. Learn more at

By pomm79, Oct 23 2016 09:26AM

I've been away for a small 4 years when it comes to pickup. Here's one of the reasons why I try to explore Pherazone pheromone cologne. As you can see in that FR I was shocked. I a lot of stuff happened like that after it, then I got into LTR land and I never developed it further. It's time to pick it up.

Let's dive right in.

Is Pherazone overrated? It's a question that popped up while I couldn't sleep. It might be. I remember a couple of important interactions in my life where I got to kiss the girl mostly through sexual tension alone. I want to experiment with this. Pheromone attraction is not my strong suit and I do have some experience with sexual pheromones. Let me recount a couple of experiences. I need reference experiences from long ago, I need them fresh in my mind. As if I experienced them a couple of weeks ago, not like 5 to 7 years ago.

The 6th person I've ever kissed -- very beautiful gal --, we just looked into each other's eyes for 2 minutes and my brain just melted. I couldn't think anymore about using human pheromones, I got horny and just kissed her. What I notice here is: when I think and am horny... (witaah!), I stop thinking, I act (witaah! istia! -- see? Even the abbreviation is like a one-two combo ninja attack... acronym inspired by Silicon Valley's Rigby :wink: ).

Pherazone Experience

I was in a club. I met this American woman and talked to her for 2 minutes. I meet her and her group 2 hours later, telling them I lost my friend. I ask her to search with me -- she was a 3rd wheel -- I grab her hand and we walk and search for a bit. Suddenly I'm at a loss, I look around. I look at her and her eyes... holy shit when I still think about it now... witaah! Istia! She could smell Pherazone Ultra pheromone cologne and was loving it.

Okay, I snuck in grabbing her hand and dragging her around, that's a lot less kino that I'm used too! :wink:

Reference 3

I walk into a bar at Leidse Street. My friend gets drinks, I talk to this woman, she's Australian, we said some other stuff, about 40 seconds passed. I look into her eyes and for *some* reason we kissed. I don't remember if I was already horny... Well, it sounds like it... witaah! Istia! Learn more at and

Reference 4

My second last ex-gf... lol... I didn't expect it. She tells me on Facebook that she's smashing the strings. I tell her she's supposed to strum it. I get over to her place intending to teach her. We end up talking in her bed in the afternoon. She was talking, with her big (covered) breats so close to me, her lips moving while she spoke and her pose was so sexy. Witaah! Istia!

She didn't expect it, she flinched, I got insecure. I stopped, pulled back. She looked at me as if she was in a daze. Then she smiled and feigned a kiss. I didn't understand if she wanted it or not. She feigned a kiss again, I got more and more horny. She faked it again, now I was just craving it, only wanting her kisses. She gave a very small peck and as soon as I got in she retreated her head, followed up with a feint again. Suddenly I knew, we were kissing, on her terms, and it felt hot as hell. I didn't expect this, I didn't expect the sexual tension to occur in the first place. I really just wanted to teach her how to play guitar. Overall, Pherazone has been one of the best pheromones I have had the pleasure to use.

By pomm79, Oct 17 2016 10:16AM

Surveys consistently show that women fake at least two - thirds of all orgasms A majority of the other third of women admit to faking it at least once in a while, if not at least once. This leaves only a small minority of women who do not fake orgasms. A lot of men out there will find this very hard to believe. Why? Without Semenax to boost a man’s sperm, they will be at a disadvantage. Semenax is the most powerful male supplement on the market and increases volume by up to 500%. Learn more at and

Because they all think they are sexual gods in bed. When women fake their orgasms, they are truly missing out on of the best feelings known in the w orld. Therefore by faking it, they are missing out on the pleasure that is suppose to occur during sex. Once a women experiences real orgasms, the sexual pleasure will increase for both the man and the woman to new levels. "Ram her hard!" "Stick your pe nis in her" "Thrust fast" When asking a man how to give a girl an orgasm, the above quotes are their real answers. A lot of men believe that simply sticking your penis in her and trusting fast is enough to give her an orgasm. This is farthest from the tru th and this is the reason why women need to fake orgasms most of the time! The following e - book will explain the techniques necessary to give women real orgasms. 1 Faking Orgasms? Why Do Women Do It?

For me it is easy to achieve orgasms using Semenax because their sexual organs are on the outside of the body and are very easily stimulated. As a result, it is the man who usually achieves orgasm before the woman. A severe consequence is that women get bored faster with sex than men. Boosting your sperm with Semenax will make you more desirable.

For couples, the difference in sexual pleasure can lead to unhealthy relationships and tension. Sex would not be boring if it was only one - sided. This is why it is extremely important for men to learn how to properly stimulate women. A question for you men: "How would it feel if you had sex for a few days and never reached an orgasm?" I'm sure the answer to that is "It does not sound like fun!" Sex is also not the solution. A lot of stimulation comes from foreplay. This guide will delve deep into foreplay techniques to ensure that you create momentum and set the mood for a fun se x - filled night. If you are a man and are known to sexually disappoint your partners, don't worry because it is not completely your fault and it is not too late to fix! As a man, how can you know what it feels like for a woman? Only a woman knows how to satisfy a woman and the physical sensation of stimuli. But a lot of woman are hesitant to talk to their partners about performance because they think it will make men feel less manly.


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