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By pomm79, May 12 2018 11:52AM

Is hypnosis certification important? Some people will tell you that it is. Other people have this opinion.

Why Hypnotherapy Certification Matters

Years ago I decided to paint one of my offices, so I took down all the certificates and pictures and everything and did the job over the weekend myself. I'm not going to do that again. Anyway, the following Monday I got a request for a client session. A lady wanted to work on something and she wanted to do it right now. I invited her to the office and we did an intake and I gave her the pre-brief on hypnosis and she stopped for a moment. She looked around the room and then she looked me in the eye and said, what exactly are your qualifications?

Years ago I decided to paint one of my offices, so I took down all the certificates and pictures and everything and did the job over the weekend myself. I'm not going to do that again. Anyway, the following Monday I got a request for a client session. A lady wanted to work on something and she wanted to do it right now. I invited her to the office and we did an intake and I gave her the pre-brief on hypnosis and she stopped for a moment. She looked around the room and then she looked me in the eye and said, what exactly are your qualifications? Learn more at


In her mind when she looked at the walls and they were bare and there was nothing saying anything about my certifications or qualifications, she started to doubt that I could help her. Well, I explained to her the organizations that I was certified with. I explained to her the groups that I was an officer in. And then I explained to her that all my certificates were in the other room because I took them down when I painted the office.

Well, at that point, rapport and trust were absent. I wound up referring her out to another hypnotist because we had no trust, we had no rapport, it was just a miserable situation.

When someone comes into your office, they look on the wall and they see these certificates, most people will assume that you have at least a certain level of hypnotherapy qualification and that you can help them. The more certificates, the more qualified you are. I know that's not true, but that's what clients will often think.

Conclusion on Hypnotherapy Certification

So in my mind, it does make sense to get hypnotherapy certified. It does have an impact on your ability to help clients. And it does impact on your credibility. In a later video I'll talk about the various organizations that you can certify with and what their requirements are. And then you can make up your mind for yourself. So that's my take on hypnosis certification.

By pomm79, May 10 2018 12:19AM

Finding a quality bankruptcy attorney in Utah can be hard. There are several bankruptcy attorneys and firms throughout West Jordan, Utah, including myself, who offer very good service.  

However, there are attorneys and firms whom I would call “bankruptcy mills”. They process you like a number,  you do not meet with an attorney until the 341 Meeting, they are not informed of the specifics of your case. In other words, they just want the money.  Due to a large amount of advertising overhead,  they have a huge operational cost.  That is Why my Bankruptcy Law office Will Beat Any Bankruptcy

Attorney Fee’s Quote By $100.00.  To find out more just click on lowest price guarantee:

What is it Going to Cost for Me to File?

The filing fee for Chapter 7 is $335.00 which is required to be paid up front by the Bankruptcy Court, regardless of your legal fees. This amount can not be paid by credit card, or check. You will be required to pay my office for the filling fee in cash or you can get a money order in that amount. As for the amount of your legal fees and payment arrangements for paying my fees, this is  based on the complexity of your case. Reasonable payment plans are available through my office.

Will I Lose My Retirement Plan?

Answer: Probably not, to the extent that a stock bonus, pension, profit sharing, annuity, or similar plan is reasonably necessary for the support of the debtor and any dependent of the debtor.  Most people end up keeping their retirement plan intact and if it is an approved retirement plan you can keep it. Learn more at

Will I Lose the Cash Value of My Insurance Policies?

No! Unless there is something very unusual about it. So far I have not had a client who we could not exempt the cash value.  Again it is important to list everything you have as an asset as much as it is to list your debts. This is the best way to ensure there will be no problem with your bankruptcy and that you can keep your assets as the bankruptcy code allows.

Get all of your Bankruptcy Questions answered by The Law Office of Ryan E. Simpson  Call 801 432-8682.  Speak to a bankruptcy attorney today. Stop Creditors Calls And Harassment!

Many people are filing bankruptcy for relief every day.  It still remains the most powerful tool for preserving assets while eliminating bad debts and to protect your family’s financial health and to STOP CREDITORS harassment of you and your family.  Too many lives and marriages are hurt due to unresolved financial matters.

We want to help you and your family to eliminate overwhelming financial stress and get you that fresh start you need in order to flourish and to enjoy life again. Depending on your situation a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 may bring the relief you have been seeking. Guaranteed to beat any other bankruptcy attorneys fees by $100.  

How are we able to do it? 

We have low overhead and our price list for services makes it the lowest price around.

By pomm79, May 9 2018 10:47PM

There are certain differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy which a debtor needs to be aware of in order to ascertain which option is more appropriate. Under Chapter 7 the debtor is looking for a fresh start through discharging all dischargeable debts and liquidating the debtor's estate. The length of time to discharge the debts is much faster in Chapter 7.

Discharge can occur in a matter of months and the debtor may be able to exempt most of his/her property and retain all post-petition income.


If a debtor has significant assets which would not be exempt under Chapter 7 and has regular income then Chapter 13 may provide more benefits. The main benefit under Chapter 13 is that the discharge of debt is broader than Chapter 7. In Chapter 13 all debts provided for in the debtor?s plan is dischargeable.

There are still a few exceptions though which are not dischargeable such as: (1) long-term debts where the final payments are due after the proposed final payment of the plan; (2) alimony, maintenance and support payments; (3) student loans made by the government; and (4) debts for death or personal injury caused by debtor driving while intoxicated.

While the discharge of debt is broader under Chapter 13 it does not occur until the conclusion of the plan, which is usually a couple of years after filing of the petition.

This is, in contrast, to discharge occurring in a matter of months under Chapter 7. Contact us today if you would like more information about which bankruptcy option is more appropriate to help you obtain financial stability. Learn more at

Why File for Bankruptcy?

By filing Bankruptcy it is a new beginning to your financial freedom.  By doing nothing, your negative items on your credit report will not go away without action.  Yes, filing a bankruptcy will be listed, but your credit is rebuilding.  Many creditors no longer consider you a risk so you’ll be able to get credit again. So why wait?

What are the most common debts that can be discharged?

Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Some Judgments, Repossession Debt, ISF Checks, Eviction or Broken Lease Debt, Past Due Utilities, Some Taxes, Personal Loans, Late fees. This is only a partial list. Most contracts can be discharged. I will review each item with you that are dischargeable under Chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy before you sign your bankruptcy petition.

Which debts cannot be discharged?

Can child support or alimony be discharged? Most student loans, alimony (spousal support), child support, most charges within 90 days of filing bankruptcy, failure to neither list nor schedule a creditor and have that creditor notified of the bankruptcy filing. Judgments for death or personal injury caused by the the debtor's operation of a motor vehicle while the debtor was intoxicated from alcohol or drugs, a drug or another substance or Malicious Conduct, Debt incurred under False Pretenses, (example: you get a loan knowing you are filing for bankruptcy or getting a loan based on a false income statement), some taxes (income taxes less than 3 years due and owing and trust fund taxes).

By pomm79, May 8 2018 01:04AM

Kamagra is one of the latest treatments for erectile dysfunction related problems that has been released to the general public. Kamagra is based on a substance called Sildenafil Citrate, which is the same active ingredient that can be found in Pfizer’s Viagra. The Kamagra, much like Viagra and some other erection dysfunction medication, works by increasing the blood flow to the penile region once there is enough sexual arousal. The increase in blood circulation rate makes it possible for more blood to be stored in the spongy tissue of the penis, which in fact engorges the tissue of the penis and makes it erect.

How To Take Kamagra

Kamagra is meant to be taken an hour before the sexual encounter is expected, and is known to be effective if taken that way. But there’s also a lot of cases of Kamagra users who have, in a way been “cured” of their erectile dysfunction problems completely thanks to Kamagra. You see, for a vast majority of men, erectile dysfunction is not only a physiological but also a psychological issue. Learn more at

The fact is that if you experience trouble getting it up for a woman only once, the fear of it happening again will be forever planted in the back of your mind. Kamagra gives you additional confidence, and as we all know, success breeds more success, so it’s sometimes enough for it to enable a user to sexually perform a couple of times before his confidence is high enough for him to be able to function sexually without the aid of Sildenafil or similar drugs.

About ED

Erectile dysfunction is a very well researched topic, and there have been a lot of different trials and tests on thousands of patients with various levels of erectile dysfunction. It’s been proven without any doubt that products based on the Sildenafil Citrate like Kamagra are the most effective way to combat ED and enable men to have a healthy, enjoyable sex life. Of course, the actual level of Kamagra’s effectiveness will be slightly different for various users, depending on factors such as user’s age, eating habits, blood pressure and general health, and the base underlying cause of the erectile problems.

People with “Real Erectile Dysfunction” as it’s often called to differentiate the condition from illnesses that have erectile dysfunction as one of their side effects have the most benefit from Kamagra. Those include those who suffer from vascular impediments that limit the blood flow to the penis, as well as various psychological issues that can cause the inability to achieve an erection. If you have been diagnosed, or just suspect to be suffering from one of those erectile dysfunction related issues, Kamagra is definitely the right treatment for you.


You will also be glad to hear that not only does it help treat erectile dysfunction, but it’s also completely safe, and much cheaper than any other product with similar effects on the market. Kamagra is available in three different dosages, as 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg pills, so you can vary your dosage depending on the severity of your symptoms

By pomm79, May 7 2018 03:45PM

Most men would jump at the chance to increase the size of their penis, and there is an abundance of products on the market designed to help them do just this. From books to pills to pumps, each of these products promises to provide a man with an easy way to increase the size of his penis and make all of those sexual experience amazing. However, many of those products fall short of delivering the expected results, leaving couples frustrated. The Bathmate Hydromax comes into play, however, and assures men that there is finally a product that works.

What is Hydromax Bathmate ?

Take a look at the many wonderful Hydromax Bathmate x30 review statements that you can find on the web. Inside of these reviews are important details that can be used to make it easier to feel confident in the Bathmate Hydromax x30 purchase. Countless men have used and enjoyed the benefits of this pump. Features of the Bathmate Hydromax include Water vacuum system that is easy to use. It takes just 10 to 20 minutes of use each day for fantastic results in as little as one to two days. Lengthens the entire penis Make sex more enjoyable and gain more confidence in yourself and your abilities. Learn more at

Other Men Enjoy the Hydromax Bathmate x30 What do other men say about the Hydromax Bathmate x30 penis pump? Nothing but good things can be heard around the globe. Here are what two satisfied users had to say. Jerome, a 24-year old banker from Ontario offered this statement: “I have searched my entire life for a product that would really increase the size of my penis and I found it when I purchased them. I love sex and always have, and thanks to this penis pump she enjoys it just as much as me.

This is a life-changing product for any couple that enjoys sex at its absolute best. Curtis, a 49-year old newly divorced business owner said this: “My girlfriend purchased the bathmat hydro max X30 for me after hearing me complain countless times about my smaller than usual penis size. She knew that I was too embarrassed to make the purchase on my own, but she helped me out and supported me with the use of the pump.


Now I love my penis and have experienced a growth of 2.4 inches and an increased girth of 1.2 inches. Incredible.”Who can use the Bathmate Penis enhancer? The Bathmate penis enhancer is safe, easy to use and effective, thus it is a product that any man who wants more satisfying sexual encounters can benefit from using. With its affordable price satisfaction and money back guarantees and countless men who have seen results, it is a purchase that you will feel good about making.

This is one of the few products on the market that really works and delivers on all of the promises that are made. Do not miss out on the enjoyment of these benefits for yourself.

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