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By pomm79, Dec 16 2016 10:49AM

In this article, I review the top pheromone oil. I have reviewed hundreds of products to present you only the top quality ones, from established producers and resellers. Learn more at

All products in this review have a money back guarantee from their sellers, if you would be not pleased with the results. Learn more at

Beaches by Michael Vie

Beaches are definitely the most famous pheromone oil available on the market. It consists of an exceptional combination of 17 fragrances and exotic oils and the most effective human pheromones.

The original recipe (without pheromones) was discovered hundreds years ago on South Seas Islands and used as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Michael Vie, one of the best perfumes in the world, combined its power with scientifically proven pheromones effectiveness, making probably the most effective pheromone product available.

You can get a 10ml bottle of Beaches (which is a supply for 3 months) for $39.95. 30ml bottle (9-month supply) costs $90.00. AttractRomance gives the money back if you are not pleased with their products!

What customers say about Beaches by Michael Vie Pheromone Oil

"... She was trying to make conversation with me throughout the night and has been stealing glances at me! That was something that had never happened to me before! ..."

"I had purchased the most value-for-money product in my entire life."


Temptress is lightly scented oil with a high concentration of copulins (female pheromones) that proved to be the most powerful men attractor. As research shows, copulins can raise testosterone levels in men up to 150%.

Temptress makes men react to you as you always wished. High concentration of pheromones makes it an efficient product.One 0.17oz bottle costs $37.95 If this product doesn't meet your expectations, you can return it and you get your money back.

What customers say about Temptress Pheromone Oil:

"Your copulin pheromones are working great! Thanks so much! I'll definitely be buying more!"

Tina from Norway

Swept Away

Swept Away is a highly effective blend of three different human pheromones combined with an oil base. Unique proportions of pheromone compounds were designed to get the max attraction effect. Highly concentrated and efficient product.

Definitely worth its price.0.25oz. bottle costs $47.95. If you are not pleased with this product Luvessentials gives the money back after you return the unused portion.

What customers say about Swept Away:

"What a STEAL! I honestly still can't believe what a deal you guys offer - Conquest will always be one of my favorite products just for the value alone, but the Swept Away I just ordered has literally changed my life! I can now honestly tell you that I have FINALLY met the woman of my dreams! Thank for offering a legitimate, honest product!"

Are Pheromone Sprays More Effective Than Oil?

The popularity of pheromones and pheromone-containing products are quite overwhelming. The discovery of pheromones and their effectiveness in exciting sexual desires in the opposite sex has drawn more and more people to try it and be astounded.

This means that if you like someone that bad, you may have greater chances of having him or her fall for you right that instant, if you use pheromones.

There are many pheromone products available on the market today. They can range from oils to spray cologne, and from perfumes to concentrates. Prices can also differ across different brands and manufacturers.

There are quite a good number of pheromones available at relatively cheap prices. However, before you settle for a cheap formulation, make sure to do your research first. Remember how they always say: you always get what you pay for.

By pomm79, Nov 28 2016 10:48AM

Nature has given all animals pheromones from dogs to insects to humans to attract the opposite sex. All human males produce the pheromone androstenone through the sweat glands to attract the opposite sex.

It's deodorants, showers, and toiletries that make men sexually invisible. Men do not even realize every time they shower, put on deodorant and their favorite cologne, they wash away and mask there own natural pheromones.

Nor can we walk around unshowered and sweaty all the time to attract women. Learn more about pheromones at and

Sex Pheromones

The solution: a perfume that contains the male human sex pheromone androstenone. Just 4 or 5 sprays is all you need to create an aura of sexual attraction about you.

The production of male pheromones peaks in your teens and steadily declines with age. The younger you are, the stronger your scent and the more she is aroused.

Pheromone cologne gives you a stronger pheromonal scent than can be achieved by any man, naturally!

Increase Attraction

Now, you can use the scientific chemistry of attraction to your advantage. Pheromone Perfume will give you the edge over other men. You will attract more women, gain more eye contact, conversations, dates, romantic affection, and best of all more sex than you ever had before. Great for married men too.

She will be more affectionate and always in the mood. Pheromones are scientifically formulated and proven to attract women.

It is an alcohol based highly concentrated male perfume, scented similar to Drakor and is blended with a new potent double strength high concentration of the male pheromone Androstenone called Osmopherone.

Increase Your Success With Women

It doesn't matter if you have had limited or great success with women, pheromones will give you the advantage over other men, with natural human male pheromones that attract, compel and make you irresistible to woman.

Where ever you sit women will gather around you like magnets. When women smell the pheromones in YES they will become instantly attracted to you.

Not only will this natural aphrodisiac attract more women, but it has also been shown the male human pheromone adrostenone causes women to have better, stronger more frequent orgasms during sex easily.

It attracts and arouses women on a primordial level and is effective. You will have more eye contact, more conversations, more dates, and more sex with women than you ever thought you could. It is definitely worth a try.

The laws of attraction have never more unclear. Men and women everywhere are daunted by the fact that they are not as appealing to the opposite sex as others. And yet – unbeknownst to many individuals, the answer to most of the questions of attraction naturally occurs within the body — pheromones.

These are naturally produced substances which seem to be the key as to why some people are more sexually appealing than others. These substances have been known to men for ages; however, it effects on the emotions related to attraction and sexual desires have only been found recently.

The purest and most effective male human pheromone on the market today. It is packaged in a 1 Fl.oz stylish black pump spray. It is perfectly safe and approved by the FDA. And pheromone perfumes come with complete instructions on use.


By pomm79, Nov 26 2016 04:31PM

Pheromones are touted as a sure-fire way make women instantly attracted to men and create instant sexual responses. However, this is not a fact. We believe that pheromones, in the highest formulation, give the user an edge. Learn more at

Of course, each person is unique in their biological and psychological make-up. So it's only natural that the natural laws of attraction are unique to the individual. That's why we love hearing about the success.

Pheromone Effects

They report feeling much more confident, more relaxed.  And they have more contact with women, being approached more by women. And more physical contact with wives and girlfriends. We believe that pheromone colognes can help create a sense of trust among people.

They yield an increase in business and friendship. This is the result of years of research by one of the leaders in pheromone and biological-communicative researchers. We believe Pherazone to be the finest pheromone product available.

Pheromones Increase Attraction

It has been observed that human pheromones increase sexual attractiveness, creating a sense of more desirability and confidence.

By definition a pheromone is a chemical transported outside the body that has the potential to evoke certain responses in another individual of the same species. 

Pheromones were first identified in 1959 in animals as chemicals that attract the opposite sex and initiate mating behavior. They are a very powerful communicator.

For example, just one molecule of a moth pheromone is enough to attract another moth within a mile radius. The search for some chemical that would enhance the attractiveness and desirability of both men and women has a long history.

Pheromone Fragrances

Fragrances, adornments, gestures, music and the spoken word have all played a role in selecting and obtaining a sexual partner. In the final analysis, sexual activity is the ultimate expression of most human behavior.  It is essential to the survival of life.

The process of a sexual union between a male and female requires a series of signals before physical union takes place. Learn more at

While these signals are often obvious,  many  are subtle, and many remain unknown. The expression of “falling in love” connotes loss of control, as does the oft quoted, “ I don’t know what hit me.”

The fact is, some mechanism must operate to close the distance between males and females. In many mammals this is achieved by a specific odor, an olfactory signal that is imprinted on the male, or on the female, that forces them to seek the opposite sex, to be social, to make contact, and to mate.

Pheromones Research

Research indicates that pheromone signals are detected through an organ 3 inches inside the nose called the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO).

The vomeronasal organ, or Jacobson's organ, is an auxiliary olfactory sense organ that is found in many animals. It was discovered by Ludvig Jacobson in 1813. Studies indicate that when the VNO detects the pheromone, it sends a response signal to the brain.

This is different than the sense of smell that detects scents. The interpersonal "chemistry" that people experience in relationships happens on a subconscious level.

By pomm79, Oct 23 2016 09:26AM

Here is my review of Pherazone.

Has this ever happened to you: You sit in a cafe with your friends and notice a pretty girl at the table next to yours. You want to approach her but you just can’t. After two hours spent in devising different scenarios of what you are going to say to her and a few beers as well, you finally approach her and mumble something like “hi, uh can I buy you a drink?”, to which she just responds “no thanks. I’m waiting for someone”. What, for two hours!? Who are you trying to lie!? Anyway, you get back to your table, your night probably ruined and your friends tease you for the rest of the evening.

About Pherazone

Pherazone is the only cologne that contains the perfect blend of seven different pheromone compounds. And they have been scientifically proven to attract women… with a twist. Pherazone contain natural pheromones that have been enhanced and amplified by the scientists to be THOUSANDS OF TIMES more potent. Learn more at and

Pheromones are so powerful because they actually bypass the cortex – the rational part of every female brain, and work at a much more primal, basic level, thus triggering an instinctive, primal sexual response in women! This ancient, primal, instinctive part of the female brain is the location from which basic instincts are triggered, and Pherazone enables you to take advantage of the most primal female sexual instincts!

Pherazone is manufactured by FDA Certified Lab for Optimum Results. It contains Androstenone, Androstenol and Androsterone

What Pherazone Can Do

Pherazone can turn the heads of women in your direction and shut the mouths of your teasing friends.

You can order Pherazone pheromones from their website. They even give you a 3o day trial period. They are that certain of their product that they even offer to give you your money back if you are not satisfied. You lose nothing if you try Pherazone pheromones, but could gain a lot if you try them.

Women have the advantage over men because we are more susceptible to their natural odor than they are to ours. That does not say that men are the prey or the other way around, just that our brain functions like that.

No more sweaty hands and talking to your chin when approaching a girl. With the use of Pherazone she will turn to greet you even before you say something. Her senses will detect that a potential mate is approaching and will her defenses will be down. Her brain has already given her a green light signal to your advances. Now, all you need to do is not say anything stupid and she is yours for the evening at least. After that, you need to use other tricks. But with this, you jumped over the first and biggest obstacle in your way.Can’t approach a girl?

Use Pherazone Pheromones


It is enough to spray them only a little (once or twice) on your chest or neck, and Pherazone pheromones will work for the next eight to ten hours. You can even put aftershave and the women will still be able to detect them. The effects of Pherazone pheromones will not be watered down by the use of the aftershave or deodorant.

Pherazone Ultra can help you break the ice, make nice looking girls make the first move instead of you. People of both sexes will trust you more and will be more ready to accept your ideas. Thanks to them, you will build up your confidence each time you see how effective the Pherazone pheromones can be when talking to a complete stranger or trying to get your old girlfriend back, and confidence is what really matters in such difficult situations.


Every time you apply Pherazone, you will start releasing a powerful combination of nature and science that will transform you into an irresistible, attractive men. Every application of Pherazone Pheromones is good for at least eight hours – and you can even wear it alongside your cologne or aftershave.

By pomm79, Oct 15 2016 09:22PM

Our observations coupled with hundreds of reported anecdotes indicate the that wearing pheromones may be associated with numerous positive benefits.

Benefits for Sexually Active Individuals may promote:

Increased acceptability from others

Increased attraction, or interest, from the opposite sex

Less aggression, or hostility from the same sex

An increased awareness of your own attractiveness

A heighten awareness of the response of others to you

A greater, or renewed interest, in a marital partner

A more amicable relationship with co-workers

Increased sexual activity in long-term marriages

Human pheromones are not aphrodisiacs

Results vary with the physical and emotional status of the individual

In older Individuals may promote:

Decreased confusion

Decreased anger

Less depression

Increased sociability

Increased mental agility

Less troublesome symptoms associated with the change of life in females

Learn more at

What do they smell like?

What do pheromones smell like? Pure pheromones are scentless. We can't consciously smell the pheromones because we detect them with a method that is not our normal sense of smell. This method is largely unknown, but it is done by some combination of the vomeronasal organ and the olfactory membranes. Learn more at

In each nostril, we have a small pole 1 mm in diameter. From it, there begins a pass 1 centimeter in length which leads to the VNO conic-shaped chamber. This organ is responsible for love at first sight, and to be more precise, at first smell.

So, the real pheromone effect happens subconsciously and doesn't require that others get the certain smell.

Will pheromones help me get more sex partners?

Yes. Pheromones will help you not only to attract sex partners but also to make friends, have more success at work, improve sales and close business deals, due to the fact that when you are wearing pheromones, people will like you more.

How will I know it it's working?

Pheromones make people friendlier. The opposite sex will flirt with you, tossing their hair back and forth, not taking the eyes off you. In general, the number of winks, smiles and flirtatious gestures directed towards you will significantly increase.You will notice you can get sex partners faster and easier than ever before.

What is the difference between products?

Our products contain different amounts and types of pheromones. Bed Hero Cologne contains Androstenone and Androstenol - purely male pheromones which are used to attract women, and Bed Hero Perfume contains Estratetraenol, androstenone, and copulins - the blend of pheromones designed specifically to attract men.

Does wearing more give a better result?

The overdose may have the opposite effect. People may become aggressive and unfriendly towards you. The usual dose is 1 - 2 dubs. It is better to start off with a low dose and increase it if you feel that there is no any effect.


Many factors influence your effect on the opposite sex— your appearance, behaviors, and attitude. Since Pheromones are the first step when you want to attract women, attract men, or just get along better with everyone at work.

They send out subconscious scent signals to both sexes, so what you do after you notice getting more attention from people is up to you!

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