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what actually happened with those pheromones

By pomm79, Nov 26 2016 04:31PM

I have finally come to a point where I think I am getting rid of all the bullshit about pheromones. There is more to life than analysing every single situation. Humans are animals that use pheromone to increase attraction. And animals just behave they way they do according to a feeling or thought process from deep inside. That means, we're all the same. I don't like to admit it, but Sedona Method was right here. We're a blank sheet of paper or an empty ball, and there are feelings/emotions that come up in that. We're basically all the same. I saw guys who were aggressive towards me for flirting with their girlfriend, 10 minutes later, they were the nicest people buying me drinks. I don't react to other people's emotions these days any more. It's a freedom, that is worth to achieve. If there is one thing, that I would advise new guys in the community is: Listen to your inner self. Only if you can't hear a voice deep inside, you're free. And when you then connect to your true desires and wishes, and do what you actually want to do and not what society expects you to do, you are truly free. I drifted off... We knew that pheromones would make her more excited. Learn more at

After having some laughs with the half Egyptian girl and talking to others, I decided to go home, as it was 6 am already. I took my jacket and said Bye to everyone. People were smoking a joint in the kitchen. I took a hit, went over to the living room and said Bye to the girls. The half Egyption girl hugged me, said I can't go and pulled me on her on the sofa. I said "You come with me then". She said "OK". Was it really that easy??? Yes it was. But before she asked her best friend "Will you hate me if I go?". Her friend said "No! Go with him!". Learn more about pheromones at

Even when they're drunk, girls care what others think about them, that's remarkable. And this is an important point to take away from this Layreport. That's right with natural pheromones. Write it down you players! Now. Write it down 200 times. Come back and continue reading here when you're finished. Just joking. I noticed earlier, you have to be normal and girls have to see that you're not a threat for their reputation. That's why holiday hookups are so easy! I can't wait to go on holiday bitches!! I noticed in one of the other rejections that you actually have to keep in mind that she's constantly thinking about what others will think about her, and adjust your game accordingly!

I went back to my room, took my shoes off, and started kissing her. There was the spark that inflamed the atmosphere in my room. Note: 60yoc advises to wait for the FIRST kiss until you're fully isolated somewhere (your place, her place, bar toilet, etc.). That way you make sure, you'll get into such a momentum that you both actually don't remember what actually happened with those pheromones.

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